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P.T. Piranha's Very Special Halloween Special II:
(~Inspired by the "Ben Drowned" story on creepy pasta. I don't know the WHOLE story so I've taken some liberties.)

Randy - My OC that reviews game stories
Cameraman - My OC that's Randy's cameraman
P.T. - My OC
Torpedo Ted - P.T.'s best friend
Spike - My Drawn to Life OC
Others - Who are the other characters? Wait and see…

One year ago, a bunch of idiots stayed in a haunted house because Jigsaw said so. Now stuff.

Randy: I'm Randy Reeve Viewer and stuff about games… or something… Well I'm gonna review the story of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask… But first I have to buy myself a copy. I WOULD look it up, but it's Halloween, I can't half-butt things for Halloween! … Hey! You! Where do I get a copy?

Cameraman's voice: I dunno. I think this one guy's having a garage sale a few blocks down.

Randy: Cool let's go.

A few blocks down, Randy is talking to a guy.

Randy: Hey got Majora's Mask?

Salesman: No. But that reminds me of what that guy over there has, a few houses down.

He points a few houses down to an old guy with a table with a bunch of random junk.

Randy: You can't be serious.

He goes over to the old guy. He's blind in one eye and has a crooked smile.

Randy: Uhhhh, hey…

Old Guy: Why hello sir… heh… heh-heh…

Randy: … Yeeeah… I heard you got a video game I'm looking for.

Old Guy: Video game? I don't know… Is it this thing?

He points to a cartridge with no pictures, but instead "MAJORA" is written on the back in black marker.

Randy: Yeah… I guess not all of them come in gold. Oh well. How much?

Old Guy: Oh you can just have it… You know… it used to belong to a boy close to your age…

Randy: It's a shame he'd get rid of the game like that.

Old Guy: Well… he doesn't live here anymore.

Randy: He lost it in the move? Oh well, finders keepers.

P.T.: Hey lookit!

P.T. notices an inkblot painting that resembles Majora's Mask itself.

Randy: That's a strange coincidence. That or he really liked this game. 'Kay, leaving now.

Old Guy: Goodbye… Ben…

Randy: It's Randy.

At Randy's place…

Randy: Okay guy, I'm gonna have to start this from the beginning so just go do something.

Cameraman: 'Kay.

P.T.: Come on Torpedo Ted, let's go to a Haunted House!

Torpedo Ted: Torpedo Away!

They go off, but leave the front door wide open.

Randy: …

Randy starts the game. There are only two save files, as per usual for Majora's Mask, and one of them is taken. It's been named "BEN".

Randy: Oh…

Cameraman: What?

Randy: That guy wasn't calling me Ben, he was saying goodbye to Ben! Ben's the guy that had this game, you see. When he moved, this must've been all that old guy had left of Ben. Probably Ben's grandpa or something. Or great grandpa. I mean seriously, he was old…

An hour later…

Randy: Ugh…

Cameraman: What?

Randy: I'm playing my file where I named him "Link". But they keep calling my guy "Ben" sometimes!

Cameraman: It's probably a glitch.

Randy: Maybe. I mean there were some weird textures and images real quick. If I didn't know better, I'd say the game was trying to scare me or something, the way it's been happening.

Half an hour later…

Randy: Okay that's enough, I'm sick of being mistaken for Ben. Maybe if I delete his save file, it'll stop. It's a shame though, he got real far.

Cameraman: Why do you care? You only need to know the story.

Randy: Well I don't want to keep going if it's gonna bug me like this!

Ten minutes later…

Cameraman: That was a good commercial. What'd I miss?

Randy: Well now they don't call me anything! Not even Link! Seriously, there's just an empty space in their text boxes where my name would be!

Spike: Hey what's going on?

Randy: I'm playing Majora's Mask for RRV. I know I said I'd to Pikmin, but-

Spike: Hey did you do the Fourth Day Glitch?

Randy: The what?

Spike: Fourth Day glitch, it's some kind of glitch where you can do a fourth day of gameplay or something.

Randy: I guess talking about it would make good padding for the review. What is it?

Spike: Well you're on the Third Day, right?

Randy: Yeah I gotta play the Song of Time before midnight or that countdown with the creepy music starts.

Spike: No, you gotta let it start. You gotta let go all the way to zero, and talk to the guy with the telescope. If you do it right, the timer disappears for like a day or something. I dunno.

Randy: What about the music?

Spike: Never checked.

Randy: Well fine…

Randy does the glitch and gets it on the first try, to all three of their surprise. P.T. and Torpedo Ted come in.

P.T.: That house was awful.

Torpedo Ted: I'm a disappointed torpedo!

Randy: Spike…

In Randy's copy of the game, Link (or rather, "____") is standing in the room where you fight Majora.

Randy: How am I supposed to have a fourth day with the final boss?!

P.T.: Hey it's the skull guy.

Randy: Skull Kid?! What's he doing here?! Maybe if I move arou- No, nothing. He's looking at me no matter what!

Spike: No he's not looking at Link… He's looking at you! Randy!

Randy: Whoa! Is there something behind me? No… Huh… Well I didn't do anything important since my last save, better reset-

Cameraman: Hey a text box. "You're not sure why, but you apparently had a reservation…"

Torpedo Ted: Doesn't it say that when you get Link-Goro's reservation?

Randy: I guess… Oh another one. "Go to the lair of the temple's boss?" … It's acting like I stood on the boss teleportation thing.

P.T.: Wow, this is a really bad copy of the game.

Cameraman: Probably from early in development, they just kept it around for some reason. Did Ben work with Nintendo?

Randy: I didn't ask. Huh, it's not letting me pick "no". Fine, I'll fight the boss. Just as long as it's not Twinmold, I don't have the Giant Mask.

On the screen it's white with black letters "DAWN OF A NEW DAY".

Spike: Huh? Isn't that the one that plays at the end of the game?

P.T.: Awesome, easiest final boss ever!


Randy: Who let you in here?!

Torpedo Ted: What's going on? Isn't this the ending? Why are you in Clock Town?

Randy: That's weird… It's like I'm on the first day. Except no one's there.

P.T.: Isn't it early in Clock Town?

Randy: There's still people outside when you start though! No one's around, and there's a weird song in the background! Is that… it's the freaking Song of Healing! Only backwards!

Tommy: You just big chicken, CHEEP-CHEEP-CHEEP-CHEEP-CHEEP-

P.T.: Who is that guy?

Spike: Just ignore him.

Randy: I feel like… someone's watching me… This is getting weird.

Cameraman: (It wasn't already?)

Randy: Is that song getting louder?! … It is! Almost like it expects something to happen!

Happy Mask Man's voice: *laughter*

Randy/Cameraman/Spike/P.T./Torpedo Ted: UHHHHHHHH-

Tommy: So anyway how is your-

P.T.: Maybe you should find the Happy Mask guy and he'll let you out.

Torpedo Ted: What's stopping him from leaving?

The whole room is quiet.

Randy: … Fear.

Randy looks all around Clock Town.

Spike: What if he's inside?

Randy: No, then we wouldn't hear him! Wait… the textures again! They're gone! Look, I'm in West Clock Town, there's no ground texture!

Spike: Is this that kind of alone feeling Silent Hill 2 is said to have?

Randy: I don't know… You know, maybe I SHOULD leave…

Randy has Link/____ leave Clock Town… only to end up in another part of town.

Everyone but Tommy: Oh no.

Tommy: I'm fed up with this woild!

He leaves Randy's house.

Randy: Maybe the Song of Soaring will get me out, how's it go again?

Cameraman: Down-left-up-down-left up.

Randy: "Your notes echo far, but nothing happens." … Say… what if I got Link killed? What if it respawns me somewhere?

Spike: I dunno.

Randy: I'll try it out. Except there's only one way to die I know of. I'm gonna have to drown Link at the Laundry Pool.

Randy takes Link to the Laundry Pool. Suddenly Link grabs his head and the Happy Mask Man flashes across the screen, smiling directly at Randy and the others while the Skull Kid's scream plays.

Happy Mask Man: *laughter*



The instant the two characters vanish from the game, all that remains where Link stood was the statue of Link that would appear when he plays the Elegy of Emptiness.

Everyone: …..

P.T.: Uh, Randy?

Randy: I know… Uncanny Valley… Oh wait there's the real Link. Uhh… let's leave…

Randy takes Link away from the pool. After Link went a few (in-game) feet in South Clock Town, the Elegy Statue appears again.

P.T.: It's haunting you! … And then it's gonna haunt us! OH MY GOOO-

Spike: If you finish that reference, a haunted statue's gonna be the SECOND thing on your list of worries!

Randy: No, it's the same one… Besides, you can only conjure one at a time…

Cameraman: And only in areas of the game pertaining to Ikana Castle…

Torpedo Ted: Turn the game off!

Randy: I… I can't! I feel… compelled… Like I have to know what else happens! Dang it Spike! This wouldn't be happening if you didn't make me do the glitch!

Spike: Hey I never forced you into it! Besides, how do we know this wouldn't happen already?!

Now Link is flailing his arms. It cuts to the Happy Mask Man just like before.

Everyone: AAAAHH!!!

When it goes back to Link, he's staring in first person view at the statue's face.


Randy gets Link out of first person view and runs to the dojo in West Clock Town.

Randy: Maybe it won't follow me inside!

It did. The statue has Link cornered in the back area where the sword master would cower on the final midnight. Oh and… the backwards Song of Healing is still playing.

Randy: This… this isn't a normal statue!

Happy Mask Man again.

Everyone: GYAH!

Now both Link and the statue are facing directly at Randy and the others. Link is staring right at them. His character model isn't even moving at all.


Spike: What happened to the fourth wall?!

Randy gets control of Link again and runs him to South Clock Town.


There's the sound of a Redead scream and the game cuts to black.

72 Hours Remain

When the screen goes back to normal, Link's on the top of the clock tower with Skull Kid.

Cameraman: Skull Kid again?!

Randy: I've had enough of you! You're behind this somehow, admit it!

Randy has Link fire arrows at Skull Kid.

Torpedo Ted: Hey that got him to say something.

Spike: "That won't do you any good. Hee, hee."

Randy: No… NO!

Skull Kid telekinetically picks up Link and sets him on fire, instant death.


The game automatically restarts Link to right before shooting the arrows.

P.T.: Uh, maybe you didn't fire enough?

Randy: Maybe…

Randy shoots again, gets the same message, and Link dies the same way. When it starts him there again, now there's no background music.

Randy: … Maybe the Song of Time will make everything normal again!

Randy equips the Ocarina of Time to one of the C buttons and as soon as he presses the button, Link explodes in flames and dies.

Everyone: …….

The game cuts back again, only this time Link is still dead and on fire. Only now he's looking at Randy while dead. The screen fades to black and a message pops up.

Randy: "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Suddenly he's back on the title screen. Out of curiosity, Randy presses start.

Randy: Hey, where's my save file? Someone named "YOUR TURN" has a save now! … What does it mean?

Randy loads the file. It's burning Link on the tower with Skull Kid laughing again. Randy resets and now "YOUR TURN" has been replaced with "BEN". Ben (Link) is outside Stone Tower on the final midnight with all four Boss Remains, plenty of hearts, and a lot of items.

P.T.: Wow, he was all but done with the game when he moved.

Randy: … This is too much!

Randy turns the game off and takes it from the cartridge.

Cameraman: You gonna destroy it?

Randy: No… I've got to get to the bottom of this! We're going to find out just who Ben was!

Cameraman: Nuh-uh, count me out! I'm not getting any sleep as it is!

P.T.: I'll go.

Torpedo Ted: Me too!

Spike: I've had nothing to do ever since my series ended, count me in!

Randy and the others head back to the old guy's house. Only… he's not there anymore. There's no evidence that anyone lived there in recent times. There's a "for sale" sign in the window.

Randy: He's gone…

Spike: Typical.

Randy: Hey! You!

Salesman: Me?

Randy: You're the guy that directed me to that guy's house earlier! Where'd he go so fast?!

Salesman: I don't know what you're talking about. No one's lived there in years.

Randy: What?! No way! No freaking way, just this afternoon at your yard sale-

Salesman: Oh… I was directing you to the blue house with the basketball hoop out front. There weren't any other yard sales today other than mine and that one.

P.T.: Randy did the old guy have a basketball hoop?

Randy: No… Well, who DID live there?

Salesman: Well there was an older gentleman that lived there, but he moved away years ago.

Randy: Was he blind in one eye?

Salesman: No.

Spike: Any grandkids?

Salesman: Nope. He wasn't the marrying type and the doctor said he couldn't have kids even if he tried.

Randy: … Then tell me this. Who is Ben?

Salesman: …. *sigh* I was hoping everyone could forget about it.

Torpedo Ted: Tell us or I'll ram you, I'm a torpedo!

Salesman: Take it easy. Well… a long time ago there was a family that lived here, four doors down from this abandoned house. They had a son named Benjamin, we'd all call him "Ben" for short. One day, there was an… accident…. His parents moved not long after.

Randy: Oh… What happened?

Salesman: I… I don't want to talk about it. Go away, I'm expecting Trick-or-Treaters to show up.

He goes into his house.

P.T.: Now what?

Randy: We go to Ben's house.

And they do.

Spike: Door's locked.

P.T.'s voice: Uh, guys?

Everyone goes to where P.T. is. He's at the fence around the back yard. He notices that there's an empty pool, with only cement filling it. There also looks to be clues that at one point there was a ladder sticking out of the ground (to climb into the pool).

Torpedo Ted: What does it mean?

Randy: It means…… Ben drowned….

"Achievement Unlocked: Title Cameo"

Randy: Not now!

Randy goes back to his house. The others start following him.

Randy: Now that I think about it, not long after I moved here I think I heard something about someone dying, but I didn't know that was it, I thought it was just a car crash or something!

Randy goes back to his house. Right there in the living room he finds the Nintendo 64 right where he left it. He turns on the game and the others watch. The two save files are "YOUR TURN" and "BEN".

P.T.: What are you gonna do now?

Randy: We have to know more. I'm picking Ben's file.

Randy picks Ben's file like he said. Link is in Stone Tower, but the game doesn't label it as "Stone Tower" like usual. It refers to the location as "St o n e". Suddenly Link's body is contorted in weird ways while he gets a dull expression for the camera.

Spike: You think Link flailing his arms was Ben trying to swim to safety?

Randy: Are you implying that Ben… is in my game?

Spike: Do the math, man! You get a game that belonged to a kid that drowned. And you know when it got really freaky? When you went to the LAUNDRY POOL. Obviously it reminded his spirit of what happened and now he's in some kind of limbo in your game!

Randy: But… but-

An Elegy statue appears in front of Link. Suddenly he's at the "Dawn of a New Day". Deku Link walks out of the clock tower. This is the scene from playing the Song of Time for the first time. But the last half of Tatl's text is messing up.

Happy Mask Man's voice: *laughter*

The "horrible fate" message pops up again and the screen fades to white. Human (Hylian) Link is in Termina Field. There's no day/night timer anymore.

Randy: Just what is going on here?!

Spike: What's that?

Spike notices three people in the distance standing near Epona. Randy has Link go up to them. One is Skull Kid… one is the Happy Mask Salesman… the third is Link's Elegy statue.

Randy: NO! What are you all doing here?! With my horse?!

Skull Kid goes through some weird animation repeatedly while the statue just stands there.

Randy: It's him… it's the Happy Mask Salesman! He's the one in charge of all this!

P.T.: Huh?

Randy: This…. This isn't Termina! It's some kind of nightmare world that happens to be in a video game! It looks like Termina! And that Happy Mask Man is their leader! And there's only one thing to do when everything's broken and all you have is an ocarina!

Torpedo Ted: What's that?

Randy: The Song of Healing!

Randy has Link play it. There is an INSANELY loud shriek, the sky starts flashing, and the Happy Mask Man's song starts playing faster and faster.

P.T.: You fool!

Spike: You broke it!

Randy: No wait, maybe I'm destroying this demon world!

Link catches on fire and dies again as the three (and Epona) watch.

Randy: OR NOT! Gaaaaah!

The screen turns black and he gets another "horrible fate" message.

Randy: This can't be… What IS this game?

Suddenly it plays the animation of Link transforming into a Zora. He's on the beach and Epona's there.

Randy: …. It won't let me change back so I can get on!

Torpedo Ted: Maybe she's trying to tell us something!

Randy: You're right… she IS facing an odd angle…

Randy has Zora Link go for a swim.

Spike: There! Something's there, go back! Under the water!

Randy has Link sink down. There's another Elegy statue. As soon as Link gets close to it, he starts choking and dies.

Spike: Wait, Zora Link can breathe underwater, why is he choking?!

Randy: You still think this game is playing by its own rules now? Ha!

He's on the main menu again. Two more save files.

Randy: I think it's confirmed… Ben did drown. He's dead and this game is telling us. But… it wants more… what else does it want from us? … I don't care, I've had it!

Randy grabs the console, but-

Voice: You shouldn't have done that.

Everyone: !!!!!!!

Randy: ……. Spike?

Spike: I didn't say it.

P.T.: Not it.

Torpedo Ted: Nope.

Randy: …… We're going to die.

(The other picture is static with a disguised voice)
Randy: Huh? What's going on here?!
???: Hi.
Randy: Who… Who is this?
???: My name is Benjamin, but people like to call me Ben.
Randy: …. You… What do you want with me?
Ben: What do you mean?
Randy: Why are you haunting my game?
Ben: Haunting? I'm just playing my game. It is mine after all.
Randy: But… But… You drowned! Years ago! Your copy of the game was for sale!
Ben: Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I wasn't finished playing. P.T. said it himself, and so did you - that I was almost done. Is it unreasonable that I wanted to finish?
Randy: How is hacking the game with Elegy statues and the Happy Mask Man finishing?!
Ben: It looked like that to you? I don't know what to say.
Randy: Where am I? Where are the others?
Ben: I don't know. I've never met you.
Randy: But you know what P.T. and I said!
Ben: You were saying it while I was in my file.
Randy: … Playing the file, or BEING the file?
Ben: Is there a difference?
Randy: …. What?
Ben: I'm all done for now though. Go on and play.
Randy: And how should I do that here in Limbo?
Ben: Limbo?
Randy: Don't play dumb with me! You're causing all this to happen!
Ben: I was just trying to play the game with you.
Randy: There's no co-op option.
Ben: Doesn't mean I can't try.
*The static clears. Ben is the Elegy statue*
Randy: HAAAA! The statue!
Ben: There can't be two Links. So I did the best I could.
Randy: Uncanny Valley, much?!
Ben: Un-what?
Randy: Look I don't know what you want, just leave me and the others alone! I'll never play this game again, I'll let you play as long as you want!
Ben: Oh that's okay, I'm bored with it right now.
Randy: But… Why would you put so much focus on finishing your save file and playing with me? If you're really still around, why don't you contact your parents?
Ben: I did… but then some mean people took them away to an asylum for hearing voices.
Randy: …. You're going to drive me insane- er, fool others into thinking I'm insane!
Ben: I'm sorry. I just wanted to play my game.
Randy: Get out of my house!
Ben: So Randy, what do you do for a living?
Randy: Don't change the subject! Get out of my cartridge! It's mine now!
Ben: Do you have a girlfriend?
Randy: If I didn't answer that first question, what makes you think I'll answer that? LEAVE!
Ben: What scares you in life, Randy? What specifically? And why? Is it me?
Randy: …… I don't have to answer.
Ben: Even if it means letting you go?
Randy: Really?
Ben: No, I just like to joke around sometimes.
Randy: ….
Ben: Okay fine. If you'll look, you'll find yourself back in the living room.

Randy: WHA! … I'm back… but the door's closed. It was wide open before. No one else is here.

Randy looks out the window. Absolutely no one is outside and the sky is pink. He looks at the TV. It's on the title screen of Majora's Mask.

Randy: …. Ben…. What is the meaning of this?!

No one's there to answer him. Until…

Ben's voice: You should probably hurry. The Moon Children will be after them soon.

Randy: Moon Children? After who?

Ben's voice: You know who. Them.

Randy: … If I do what you want, will you finally make things back to the way they were before?

Ben's voice: Okay.

Randy picks the only save file.

Randy: "SPIKE"?

He picks it. The game starts the same as normal. Only instead of Link, the player avatar is… Spike.


Ben's Rule #1: Don't buy strange video games from strangers.
Ben's Rule #2: Don't play games that belong to someone else if they want to play.
Ben's Rule #3: Don't download any videos relating to Ben or he'll enter your computer, as Ben is now roaming the internet ever since the videos were uploaded on Youtube.
(c) Nintendo
(c) Jadusable
(c) Tommy Wiseau
(c) Jesus
(c) Anything else
-Randy, P.T., and the Cameraman belong to me
-Torpedo Ted and Spike SORT OF belong to me

Happy Halloween special! It's a multi-parter this year. Based off of the creepy pasta story, Ben Drowned. Wanting to review Majora's Mask's story for RRV, Randy gets a free copy like Jadusable did... only things go bad. FAST.

No longer a multi-part story for various reasons.
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turret6547 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Uh, one question, anyone and everyone can answer.


So, I've read the Creepypasta, and I know that BEN DROWNED, and stuff, but how do people know how he drowned, or that he's deathly afraid of water. How do people know all this, or is it just a theory that someone came up with, and everyone else agreed, so it became true. Like in the BENxJeff stories, it tells of BEN being terrified of water, and every time he touches water, he instantly starts freaking out. Is this a made-up back story for the real Ben (the actual kid who drowned), or was it actually made canon somewhere?

PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
I think it has to do with the fact that Jadusable (the player) started experiencing problems when he got to the Laundry Pool, while Clock Town was empty.

I think another time, he saw the Link statue underwater, and another time there was a black screen with water noises and a text box that says "no one came to save him" or something like that.

This was written almost the day of myself actually reading it, and I haven't gone back to read it since (though I have read about it after), so I can't be too sure.

Now for my question, who is Jeff?
turret6547 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you, that makes more since.

Jeff was a little boy (I forget how old he is), who's family moved into a new neighbourhood. Jeff and his brother, Lui, were waiting for their school bus, when they were attacked by three bullies, Randy, Keith, and Troy. They stole Lui's wallet, and when he tried to get it back, they pulled knives on him. Jeff had this weird feeling inside himself, but couldn't explain it, he just had the urge to hurt people. He fended off the bullies, but the school bus was there, so they fled. Later that day, some cops were at their house, explaining that Jeff and Lui were seen fleeing from the scene. Jeff tried to explain, but they didn't believe him, and were about to take him to JDC, when Lui ran down, and took the blame, so he was sent instead. Days went by, and Jeff and his parents went to a birthday party they had been invited to. At the party, the bullies showed up, and attacked Jeff. He got that weird feeling, again, and his sanity snapped. During the fight, Jeff got covered in bleach and alcohol, and, when he was about to kill Troy, the last one standing, he threw a lighter at Jeff, and Jeff caught on fire. He blacked out, and awoke in a hospital, with the news that his brother was being released. Time skip to a few weeks later, when he got his bandages removed. His face had been dyed pure white, by the bleach, and his originally brown hair was now black. His family was horrified, but he loved his new appearance, and said, "Now it fits me perfectly!" He was laughing uncontrollably, but the doctors said it was due to the pain killers. Little did they know, he was insane. That night, his mom awoke to a noise. She walked in, to find Jeff. He had cut his cheeks into a permanent smile, and burned his eyelids off. His mom was horrified, and went to his dad, and told him to get a gun. Jeff overheard this, and murdered his parents. Lui awakened to strange noises, but dismissed them, and tried to fall back asleep. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. Jeff hovered over him, knife raised, and whispered, "Shhh, go to sleep." Then murdered his brother. No he's a serial killer, and just before he kills his victims, he whispers that same line.

There, Jeff the Killer story in a nutshell. Horrible summery, but that's basically it. C;

PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
HOO that is a wall of text.

Oh, you meant Jeff the Killer. I thought it was a character in the expanded Ben Drowned universe.
turret6547 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Yeah, it took he half an hour to type that.

Haha! Yeah, that's ok!

webkinkitty Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
but really great story :D
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
webkinkitty Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
webkinkitty Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
holy fudge ben if you really want to play the game play it in heven gezz
DeathIncarnate15 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Great story, based on a great creepypasta. You've done well. Also, interesting theory that Ben just wants to finish his game. I don't blame him.
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
Thanks. I think I could've done better, but I am still satisfied with it.
DeathIncarnate15 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Think the only way you could make it better was to make it a multi-part like others have said. Either that or get the world's greatest writer (whoever that may be) to write it.
Dusto98 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
Im sorry. I will explain. Is BEN real? `The creepypasta has been interesting me.
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
No he's not.
Dusto98 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012
Please tell me. Is theheabenwoot on Steam BEN?
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Avril555 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No... new... part?
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011
Well I got a virus shortly after and by the time it was fixed, it was WELL after Halloween.

I thought I made sure that I edited it to be only a one-parter. Apparently someone still noticed.
Avril555 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Another part would be nice but t is a good one-parter...
Snowpelt-IceClan Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Great job! Love it! :3

Good to read before bed. *HMS-like chuckle*
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Thank you.
Snowpelt-IceClan Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Welcome :3
E-Man276 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
Umm, P.T., since this is no longer a multi-part story, what's going to happen now?
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
This updated again? Whoops didn't mean for that.
Well... I'm not too sure what happens next in the real story either so... Yeah....
DeathLee28 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
wolfand247 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Il ike it, but i've been trying to find the bits of Jadusable story about the Moon Children, was that bit deleted?
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
I dunno.
wolfand247 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Dr-J33 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Student Writer
maybe ben is in my copy of time shift, for some reason i cant load past the first level.
E-Man276 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
Ah! I like your interpretation of the creepy-pasta, P.T.!
PT-Piranha Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
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