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This is a guide to doing as many side quests as possible in one cycle of Majora's Mask (3DS). This is essentially what I did when I played the game.

I knew that for the final three days of the game, I wanted to do as many things as I possibly could to make them 'count', and leave Termina on my own terms. And it felt really great.

This guide is also presuming that you've already done the quests in past cycles, you're only doing them again for good measure. Otherwise some things will be locked.

If you follow this guide, keep an eye on the entire thing. If you move quicker than expected, look further down and see if there's anything you can squeeze in. This list is an approximation of what I ended up doing, but not 100% the same.

I recommend not saving during any of this, as you could mess up and then have to start over (unless you're okay with letting some people slip past). Night 3 is devoted to helping Kafei. Daytime of Day 3 is your last chance to do things. You can save your game at the evening of Day 3.

Most events can be done at any time, some take priority. I'll mark the ones that take priority.


-Good knowledge of Termina's layout, everyone's locations and schedules
-All boss remains
-All mandatory items and masks
-Couple's Mask (and all masks leading up to it)
-Breman's Mask
-Don Gero's Mask
-Kamaro's Mask
-Romani's Mask
-A comfortable amount of rupees in the bank (140 at least)
-4 bottles

Not required, but recommended:
-7 bottles
-Bunny Hood
-Stone Mask
-Troupe Leader's Mask
-Room Key
-Gilded Sword

Not included:
These are events I decided not to do, either for time, or some other justification.

-Anju's Grandmother: Listening to her story doesn't really affect anything.
-Old Bomb Lady: Helping her will get in the way of helping Kafei. She takes it like a champ anyway.
-Toilet Hand: Helping him will get in the way of helping Anju or the Business Scrubs.

-Temple Great Fairies: Other than the one in Clock Town, it's far too time-consuming and challenging to pull off. At least try it once, but not during this special cycle.
-The new Gorman quest: If you help Gorman on Night 1, he won't get a bellyache, so there's no cause for this one.
-Kamaro: There just wasn't enough time for me. But I still teach the dance to the sisters, so he gets his wish.

-Deku Butler: It's rather lengthy, and you're just reminding him of his lost son.

-Goron Races: You should open the path, but don't bother with competing.
-Hungry Goron:: He should be fine in the spring, and timing the ramp jump in the village is tricky.

-Ocean Spider House: Not only is it lengthy, but you're only doing it so someone can take shelter from the moon. You'll take care of the moon.

-King of Ikana: All he wants you to do is beat Twinmold, so there's no point.
-Poe Sisters: Killing Twinmold alleviates them and there is no cutscene.
-Soul Shrine: Same as Poe Sisters.
-The Gibdos in the well: Consumes time and at least from a story perspective, Twinmold's death should help them.
-Stalchild grave keepers: The nights will be better spent on other things.

Before you start:
-Check how expensive everything is, and do some exploring, figure out everyone's schedules, learn how to fight the bosses. Be comfortable with Termina.

Day 1:
-Slow down time
-At the bank, withdraw enough to buy 2 powder kegs and 2 red potions
-Buy a powder keg at the bomb store and open the ranch
-Do the Breman Mask march for Grog's chicks
-Buy 2 red potions from Kotake the hag
-Find Koume the hag in the woods
-Heal Koume with the first potion
-Warp to Woodfall
-Beat the Gekko in Woodfall Temple, then talk to it with Don Gero's Mask
-Kill Odolwa
-Escort Deku Princess home
-Talk to the other frog in the swamp
-Buy another Powder Keg in town
-Wear the Couple's Mask in front of the mayor (10am, you have until 8pm)
-Wear Kafei's Mask in front of Anju (2:20 pm, you have until 9:05 pm)
-Get the Moon Tear and trade all land deeds from the Business Scrubs
-Play the Song of Storms for Sharp
-Play the Song of Healing for Pamela's dad
-Warp to Stone Tower, enter the flipped version
-Kill Twinmold
-Race with Keeta (he'll still be there)

Night 1:
-Bring the Stray Fairy to North Clock Town
-Talk to the frog in the Laundry Pool
-Listen to Guru-Guru's story
-Wear Kamaro's Mask for the dancing sisters
-Play Ballad of the Wind Fish at the milk bar (10pm until dawn, but do it before talking to Anju, or at least before the alien hunt)
-Talk to Anju in the kitchen, then mail her letter (midnight, this takes priority)
-Go to the ranch and kill the aliens (2:30 am, this takes priority)

Day/Night 1 Notes:
This will be the busiest day, but most of it will go by quickly. This means that Day/Night 1 will also have the most free time, if you're fast. You should actually be able to take care of things ahead of schedule while waiting for the mayor or Anju. If you're ahead of schedule, feel free to do some of the upcoming things, but as always, watch your time.

It's good to do the Business Scrub quests right before anything in Ikana, since the quest ends with you right in the canyon. You technically don't need to help Sharp or the professor. Killing Twinmold will cure them. But I like to help them anyway, and it gets the waterwheel fixed.

Fighting Twinmold any time before Night 1 means you won't have access to Chateau Romani, so mind your magic during the battle. It shouldn't be too hard, however.

Keeta will be there, regardless of Twinmold, so race him on your way back from Ikana Canyon if you have the time.

No matter what, Day/Night 1 ends with the alien invasion. But you will have a little time afterwards, so take initiative and warp to Great Bay, and head to the Pirate Fortress.

Day 2:
-Wear the Stone Mask inside the fortress, for reduced risk
-Inside the Pirate Fortress, give Shiro the second red potion
-Take a photo of one of the pirates
-Find the four Zora eggs in the fortress
-Give the pirate photo to the fisherman
-Follow the seahorse to Pinnacle Rock
-Kill the eels and find the last eggs (you can leave in the middle of this)
-Talk to Kafei, give pendant to Anju (3pm, you have until 6pm)

Night 2:
-Ride to town with Cremia (6-7pm, this takes priority)
-For reduced risk, equip Troupe Leader's Mask before talking to Cremia
-Head to Great Bay Temple
-Beat the Gekko in Great Bay Temple, then talk to it with Don Gero's Mask
-Kill Gyorg

Day/Night 2 Notes:
The Pirate Fortress and Pinnacle Rock will eat up a lot of time. Pinnacle Rock was especially bad for me. Kafei will keep his door unlocked until night, so you can still catch him a little late. But don't push it.

It's best to be done with the zora eggs before talking to Kafei, because his time frame is more forgiving than Cremia's. If you're not done with the eggs before talking to Kafei, wait until after helping Cremia.

You have to do Pinnacle Rock before killing Gyorg, or else the seahorses won't reunite. Killing Gyorg took me into the dawn of the final day, so if you're a quick, you can probably move ahead to these upcoming things before Night 2 ends.

Warning: Daytime on the third day is your last chance to take care of business aside from Kafei or the Priority Mail. If you've been sitting on a task, time to get the lead out.
Day 3:
-Jam session with the Indigo-Gos
-Warp to Snowhead Temple
-Kill Goht
-Reunite with the frogs
-Talk to the Goron Elder (not mandatory, but heartwarming)
-Open the Goron racetrack (but don't compete)
-Go to Kafei's back room (1pm, this has priority)
-Get Priority Mail
-Clear the Swamp Spider House
-Give the Priority Mail to the Postman, follow him to milk bar (Postman moves slowly, save this for after Sakon's fort, if you'd prefer)

Special Note: At this point, all that's left is to help Kafei, and maybe the Priority Mail. If you haven't saved your game out of fear of making a mistake, you may now save your game.

Night 3:
-Wear the Stone Mask on the path to Sakon's fort, for reduced risk
-Enter Sakon's hideout with Kafei (7pm, this takes priority)
-Get the Sun Mask back
-Wait with Anju
-Get the Couple's Mask
-Confront Skull Kid

Day/Night 3 Notes:
The Priority Mail can be given to the Postman, or you can give it to Aroma directly. I prefer to give it to the Postman, since more people will benefit. I was able to do this at the tail end of the daylight hours, but I'd recommend doing it after Sakon's fort if you're low on time.

The Swamp Spider House is the longest of the daytime events, so be wary. Otherwise, this is your last chance, because night 3 will be spent either in Sakon's fort, or in the final hours.

When I did this, I saved at Ikana Canyon right before Sakon's fort. This was the first time I'd saved during the whole cycle. I didn't know I would run past Sakon, so he saw me and split. If I hadn't saved, it would all be ruined. Wear the Stone Mask.

Once you've cleared Sakon's fort, you can just chill and wait for him with Anju, or help the Postman if you haven't yet. Either way, it's now the waiting game.

After everything, I liked to talk to the Happy Mask Salesman one last time, for luck. Not necessary. Fun fact, the final hours theme plays inside the clock tower, even though time doesn't pass in there.

And from there, it's a matter of going to face Skull Kid and beating the game. If you were able to pull this off, you should feel good. Especially during the credits. No better way to finish this game, let me tell you.
A Good Samaritan's Guide to Majora's Mask
A guide on how to do as many side quests in a single cycle of Majora's Mask, based on my experience.

Let me know if this is useful, or if there's something I should adjust.
[My thoughts and reactions as I played Xenoblade for the first time.]

-Warning: Heavy spoilers.
-Warning II: I was highly irreverent as I played. If you're somehow offended I didn't take the game seriously at all times, this isn't for you.
-Warning III: Character lines are partly paraphrased, and a few of my reactions were embellished, but this is more or less what I was thinking at the time.


*The opening narrations and Sword Valley*
(Everyone’s British, send help.)

Dunban: Dickson! Mumkhar! Let’s go.
(Oh look, it’s Dickson and Mumkhkmkhm!)

Reyn: Now it’s Reyn Time!
(I’m sorry, what?)

*Shulk and Reyn talk about Dunban and Dickson in the present tense*
(Wait, they’re both alive? Guess that third guy really got screwed.)

[Then I stopped playing the game until the 3DS version.]

Reyn: Good thing I’m here! Anybody?
(I think I’ve found my favorite character.)

*Dunban is shirtless*

*Fiora appears*
(Oh. Peasant girl.)
*Fiora’s weapons are dual knives*
(Oh shoot, peasant girl’s packing!)

Fiora: Shulk would like anything I’d cook, he has no sense of taste.
Fiora impression: How was the food, Shulk?
Shulk impression: I’M REALLY TASTING IT!

Fiora: I wish every day could be peaceful forever.

Fiora: You cared more about the equipment than me!
Shulk: Yeah, but the Monado doesn’t hurt Homs.
Fiora impression: Maybe you’d care about me if I were a machine!

*at the lab*
Reyn: Fiora don’t trust me!
Shulk: It’s okay, mate.
*at the cave*
Reyn: Told you she don’t trust me!
Shulk: Sorry, mate.
*during the invasion*
Shulk: Told you, she trusts you.
Reyn: Guess so!

Fiora: Let’s press on and on and on.
(And on and on and on and- Has the internet made this joke, yet?)

*Fiora’s in the tank while Shulk and the others are on the ground, unable to move.*
(Oh no, she’s engaging the enemy.)

(Poor Shulk, he’s not feeling it right now.)

*Shulk and Reyn leave Colony 9*
(All right! Bro’d Trip!)

*after clearing Tephra Cave*
(I’ve come to realize that You Will Know Our Names is actually the “oh crap” song.)

*The literal Gaur Plain area*
(Wow. That’s a lot smaller than I thought it’d be.)

Reyn: Sharla, did you see that? Did you see what I did?
Sharla: Um, no, I wasn’t looking.
(Lonely Reyn strikes again.)

Sharla: Reyn, don’t jump the gun, haha!
(… Shut up.)

Reyn: You see the future, and you still get it wrong! You’re useless on your own, Shulk!
(Whoa! Reyn’s not putting up with this anymore! I think he wants to be the main character!)

*Xord has a bunch of robots in the cutscene*
(Please don’t make me fight “Xord n’ Friends”.)
*Xord starts the battle alone*
*Xord summons Mechons*
(Oh no! Xord n’ Friends!)

(You know, I like Dickson, he’s an all-right guy.)
Dickson: I feel bad about deceiving those kids.
(… Oh.)

Nopon: You have to find the pieces for the ritual before going to the top.
(Of course we do.)
*ritual is completed, boss is fought, teleporter doesn’t work*
Sharla: I hope we don’t have to climb.
Dunban: We have to climb.
(Welp. That ritual was pointless.)

*Chain Attack with Shulk/Dunban/Riki*

Melia: We cannot be reckless.
(… She’s trying to replace Dunban.)

Dunban: Riki may be softest of all Nopon…
(… I don’t trust the way you said that.)

*side quests on Bionis Leg*
(Zax Outpost… How do they come up with these names?!)

*Leone Telethia fight is interrupted*
(Noo, I almost had him! I was doing fine!)
*Another Engage the Enemy cutscene*
*Telethia phase 2, fight is much harder*
(Curse you, Engage the Enemy cutscene! I was having fun until you came along!)

*Reyn keeps rolling his shoulder*
(Stop already! Do you need a chiropractor or what?)
*Melia keeps shaking her foot*
(Oh great, they all get little tics.)
*Riki does a dance*
(… Maybe it’s not all bad.)

*Everyone’s yelling at Reyn for pressing the button*
Shulk: What a mess, Reyn!
(Yeah, what the crap, Reyn! This is like the bad fanfic version of you!)
*Reyn is selected as the player-unit for the level*
(This is your atonement!)

(Going ALLEY-OOP in the throne room, because I’m Reyn, I can do what I want.)

*Shulk tells the emperor that he’s going to Prison Island to make Metal Face pay*
(Wait… We’re really going through all this, just for revenge? Dude, that’s not going to bring that girl back. Whatever man, I’m just here for the ride. Didn’t even like Fiora that much...)

Random Antiqua: Melia should be in her villa.
(Wait, she has her own villa? She can’t stay in the castle? What, is she the dog or something?)

Melia: Before going to Prison Island, we’ll have to activate these two statues.
(Wow this game really doesn’t want me going to Prison Island.)

*Monado Form 2, You Will Know Our Names plays*

*Face Mechon turns out to be Fiora*
(I call it… The Fiora-5000.)

*after nearly a real-time week, Sunlight Schvaik finally respawns and is killed for Zazadan’s third quest*
*Zazadan has a fourth quest*
(What? More?)
*Zazadan has a fifth quest*

*looking for the correct Nopon NPCs in Frontier Village*
(Ugh! This is like that Spongebob episode, where they’re trying to find Squidward in that crowd of other Squidwards!)

*NPC talks about how Xord was her dad*
(Oh… That was less exciting than I thought. Shulk, you not going to have a reaction, there?)

*Mumkhar is ranting in the snowfield*
(Man, it’d be so great if you died right now.)

*Mumkhar uses Fiery Pain IV*
(That sounds like some kind of B-action movie.)
(Coming this summer… Fiery Pain IV: The Reckoning!)

*Hopeless Egil fight in Galahad Fortress*
(Eh. A little annoying, and he’s over-leveled. He’s not doing that much harm though, I could probably take him.)

*Fiora-5000 joins the party*
(That means you can help me in Smash Tour now, right?)
(Is it wrong that I think she’s cooler as a robot?)

*reading about Iron Fiora’s Talent Art*
Dunban: And you can damage Mechon on your own. I couldn’t ask for a better sister!
(…D-Dude! That’s your criteria for a great sister?)

*Fiorinator describes how Dunban only cries when he’s alone*
(I’m imagining he tells everyone to look away for a second, then sheds exactly one tear and quickly wipes it away.)

Dickson: And Bob’s yer uncle!
(In a world with Xord, Juju, and Shulk, I want to meet the guy named Bob.)

*Fiora’s eyes glow, protecting everyone from Gadolt*
*Fiora is wearing glasses*

*Temporal Gawain*
*Experienced Tristan*
*Destructive Bors*
(Okay, how long until we fight Arthur?)

Agniratha terminal: Some Mechon have excess power. All Mechon must have equal power.
(Oh no, communist robots.)
(Man, it sure would be great if Egil had equal power to the Mechon out on Gaur Plain.)

Meyneth: The battle [of Mechonis and Bionis] waged on.
(And on and on and on.)

*Gadolt is defeated at last*
Reyn: Here drink this water, you’re probably thirsty.
(At long last, the rivals for Sharla’s heart meet each other.)
Gadolt: Take care of Sharla.
(Seems nice enough. I wonder what will happen to get him out of the way so Reyn/Sharla can happen.)

*The party manage to beat Egil even though they’re under-leveled*
(Ah, see? I knew I could take Egil on, no sweat.)
*Another fight with Gold Face, but it’s cut short*
(… I could probably still have taken him.)

*Gadolt sacrifices himself so everyone can leave*
(Aaaaaand there he goes.)

*Another war sequence, Shulk has failed to kill Egil*
Dickson: I was counting on you, runt!
(Whoa, calm down Dickson, take it easy.)
*Dickson dives onto Reyn to hug Shulk and Fiora from behind*
Dickson: I’m glad you’re alive!
(Happy Dickson.)
*Meyneth is talking inside Fiora*
Dickson thinking: So that’s where you’re hiding. I’ll have to finish this.
*Alvis gives Dickson a look*
(So Dickson’s secretly a bad guy.)

*Egil’s sister talks, and her chest has physics*
(What? But why?! Why during this dramatic scene, and why at all?! Isn’t she a robot?!)

*Square-tache is yelling as he’s dangling over the ocean*
(Dude, you’re freaking immortal!)

*Shulk gets a vision of Egil destroying Bionis*
(Uhhhh, Monado Shield? Maybe? Please?)

Shulk: I’ll kill [Egil]. I’ll kill him a thousand times.
(What? Shulk, no, that sounds like a lot of work, I don’t wanna. Shulk, I swear-)

Egil: Zanza and Monado are one in the same. The Monado inhabits the beings of Bionis.
(… … Oh.)

*Someone shoots Shulk from behind*
(Let me guess, it’s Dickson.)
*it was Dickson*
(… … Oh.)

Zanza: Shulk was an empty shell.
(So… Shulk’s a zombie?)

*Fiora fights Zanza all alone*
*Chain Attack signal goes off*
(All right, one-man Chain Attack, let’s go!)

Miqol: We should head back if you’re ready.
*Go back/wait a little longer*

*Lorithia is a villain too*
(First Dickson, then the lady who helped Melia’s stepmom. I bet Alvis is a villain next.)
*Alvis is in cahoots with Dickson*
(Dang it!)

*regarding Melia and Kallian*
Dickson: Maybe if you reincarnate, he’ll be your boyfriend!
(Dickson you’re weird.)

*Dickson keeps ranting*
(Dickson, eat a Snickers. You’re not you right now.)

Dickson: We’ll be on our best behavior.
Shulk: We’ll be the best guests you’ve ever heard.
Dickson: That’s a good one.
(Dickson, it… really wasn’t…)
Dickson: I’m impressed.
(Dickson, no.)

*I think I might have to go back to Prison Island inside Bionis*
(Back to Prison Island! I wonder how long the game will put it off again!)
(Oh crap, am I gonna have to go through all those areas I couldn’t access before?)

*Lorithia gives Telethia Kallian a weird look*
(Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t-)
*she smooches him*
*camera cuts away, it comes back and she’s still doing it*
(You are creepy in the wrong way!)
*she merges with it*
My first out loud reaction: "… MERCY."

*Dragon is defeated, teleporter appears*
Dunban: I can sense Dickson.
Dunban impression: That’s always been sort of a sixth sense of mine.

Dunban: Once we go through here, there’s no going back. Are you ready?
My second out loud reaction: "UHHHHHHHH, NO."

*Dickson is defeated*
Dickson: I’m going home, I ain’t no martyr. I just wanted the power of a god.
Dickson impression: Screw this, I’m leaving!

Dickson: (I’m not gonna let you see me die.)
*Shulk and friends walk away*
(Man, I bet Dickson would feel real awkward if Shulk dropped something and had to turn around and saw Dickson.)

*New Landmark: Saturn*
(At last, we’ve moved from inside the Bionis to… Saturn…)

Zanza: Perhaps a god should not long for friendship.
(… Don’t you dare tell me this was all because you felt lonely.)

*Zanza and his guards are wrecking the party*
*red lines form between Zanza and his guards*
(Oh no! Evil Chain Attack!)

*Zanza’s second form*
(Okay, now you’re just showing off.)

*Zanza uses Titan Bazooka*
(Titan Bazooka… You come up with that yourself, Zanza? Because apparently you have no friends?)
(Fun fact, because I paused the game to write this down, I went back and used the wrong Monado art and this attack killed me.)
(Moral of the story, never make fun of Zanza’s attack.)

*Shulk gets a shiny, blue light Monado*
(Oh good, because that fake one was pretty ugly, not gonna lie.)

*Alvis explains everything*
Alvis: The gods were lonely.

*The new world is created*
*First-person view through Fiora*

*The credits end*
(… I liked that game.)

*Select 30 weapons to carry over*
(Wait what?)
*Select 30 head armor to carry over*
*Select 30 torso armor pieces*
*Select 30 leg armor pieces*
(This game won’t end!)
*Select 60 materials*

[And that’s how I played Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, true story.]
Chronicles of Xenoblade Chronicles
These are (more or less) my thoughts and reactions to Xenoblade as I played it for the first time.

Between dropping the Wii version and picking up the 3DS one, I did learn a few details through Smash Bros. (namely Mumkhar and Fiora). And as I got farther through the 3DS one, I did accidentally find a few details (Gadolt and Dickson being the biggest examples), but most of my experience was blind.
Epilogue: After the Fall


Has she made a recovery? Yes she has. Should she stay rested? Definitely.

Violet wakes up in a tent somewhere. Boshi, P.T., and Bobbery are there.

Boshi: She’s awake!

Toadley: Is it obvious? Yes it is!

P.T.: Hey, you really went to town on that Shadoo guy, awesome!

Violet: What... What happened?

Boshi: When that guy exploded, we were all knocked back. Oh, and the crystals we all collected came in handy.

P.T.: Doctor guy said you were hurt so badly from the blasts of lightning that it wouldn’t be a surprise if the fight killed you!

Bobbery: They’re fixing up Toad Town now, but Dr. Toadley had to set up a temporary place in this tent.

P.T.: Ahem.

Boshi: Oh, and Violet.... He’s forcing me to tell you that I had a crush on you... But seeing Rudy take that hit for you, I really don’t think I would’ve done that... So I hope you two are happy together.

Violet: Boshi... I... I sort of knew all along. I'd meant to let you down easy, but-

P.T.: (Score! I am SO getting that reward from Rudy now!)

Violet: Oh no, Rudy! Where is he?

Boshi: He’s next to you.

Violet sits up and looks over. Rudy’s unconscious.

Toadley: Has he received quite a beating? Certainly he has. But will he pull through? ... I don’t know...

Bobbery: Shadoo’s attack got him right in the heart, so he took it pretty bad compared to other times the attack was used...

Violet: Oh...


Shade is sitting on a stone step next to Blooper.

Shade: So... Do you think it was worth it?

Blooper: Well I don’t even own a 3DS, but I’m sure I’ll be glad I preordered the new Paper Mario game.

Shade: No, I meant the quest! We were all going to stop Fawful, and look what happened! Shadoo came and more or less killed some of our friends! And Victor... Whatever happened to him?

Blooper: You didn’t hear? The shock got him so bad that he got amnesia. They removed his armor so they could operate. Now he’s out there somewhere as a normal Koopa Troopa with no memory.

Shade: Does amnesia even work like that?

Blooper: Hey, you’re no doctor.

Shade: So? ... I have an idea.

Blooper: What, become a doctor?

Shade: No. We could probably win the Star Rod in the Star Battle Tournament and wish for a way to get our friends back to normal!

Blooper: Didn’t the place shut down after Goomba went postal there? Not to mention he kind of ate Ballyhoo from what I heard.

Shade: That is a problem...

Torpedo Ted: I’m a torpedo!

Shade: Huh?

Torpedo Ted: You guys are on an adventure! Can I come because I’m bored and I’m a torpedo!

Blooper: Eh, I don’t care.

Shade: You know what? Sure. Go nuts, you’re part of the club now.

Poochy: Arf, arf!

Blooper: Oh hey, Poochy’s back.

P.T. walks up.

P.T.: I have an idea on how to help. There’s a rocket in the Space Junk Galaxy-

Shade: No. But I do have a similar idea! There’s an old Noki folktale that talks about something like this, it’s in the ruins at Noki Bay. Anyone interested?

P.T./Torpedo Ted/Blooper: Sure.

Poochy: Arf!


Francis wakes up, trapped in a Junker X can.

Francis: Nerr! What’s going on?! Why’s it sunny all of a sudden?! This is not high-technicaaaaal!

Syrup: The side o’ good be winning the day. Me crew is now scrappin’ yer robot to sell to people!

Francis: Not schweet at all, I want those parts back!

Syrup: Actually ye are being my prisoner, meaning I got a new minion!

Francis: Nerr!

Syrup: Lucky me!

She slaps Francis hard on the back.

Francis: Ouch!

So hard that the can falls over and Francis’s face meets the ground.

Francis: Double ouch!

Green’s voice: Captain, where does he stay?

Grak’s voice: He is NOT taking my bed!

Syrup: Eh, throw ‘im in the brig, I don’t care.

Francis: Nerr...


Toadbert: Well Jojora, things certainly turned out for the better, by boogity!

Jojora: Yep!

Toadbert: But... Toadsworth wanted to give me a promotion... and it means I can’t hang out with you as much anymore.

Jojora: W-What?

Toadbert: But don’t worry! I talked to Princess Peach, and the Toad Brigade will build you a little house near the castle so you can visit! Considering they’re the ones building it, it won’t be so great, but we could probably get some of the guys fixing town to do it.

Jojora: Yay! We can still be friends!

Toadbert: Yep! And if you want a job, you’ve been offered a position on the Security Team! ... Which right now only has one member!

Junker X appears and starts dancing.

Jojora: ... Why not? I’ll do it!

Toadbert: By boogity, now we can stay together even though I got a promotion! Truly a good day!

Blue Toad: Hey, got room for two more on that whole security detail thing?

Yellow Toad: Yeah, we helped save the Mushroom Kingdom twice, this’d be a perfect job!

Toadbert: You’re hired!

Blue Toad/Yellow Toad: Yes!

Toadbert: ... That’s what I would say if I were in charge of that.

Blue Toad/Yellow Toad: Awww....

Toadbert: But we can ask Toadsworth, by boogity! And I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, seeing as how you two are heroes!

Yellow Toad: Hooray!

Blue Toad: Let’s go ask him!

The five of them walk into the castle.


Boshi: Well guys, it’s been fun, but I’m off.

Cowboy Jed: Tarnation! Where y’all headed off to, son?

Boshi: I’m not your son. And like I said, I realized that not only can I not race, but everyone hates when I sing, and Rudy likes Violet more than I do. So I’m gonna go travel the world until I can get better at at least one of those three things.... Or until the nearest cookie, whichever one’s closer.

Cowboy Jed: Y’all need a set of wheels! An’ ta get behind the wheel!

Boshi: No thanks. Why don’t you just set up your little emporium or whatever like you wanted?

Cowboy Jed: Glad I thought of it!

Boshi: By the way, where’s the other one?

Giga Lakitu: I’m right next to you! I was here the whole time! I was even trying to give you an ice cream cone out of the three I bought! The whole time!

Boshi: Sheesh, stop whining! Well anyway, I’m going to become awesome. In one year’s time I will be the manliest dinosaur to ever walk this planet! ... So yeah, see ya guys.

Giga Lakitu: Wait, I want to go too! I want to be the manliest Lakitu!

Boshi: ... Well since I’m so awesome it won’t take me too long. And since you’re not that awesome to begin with, it’ll take you a bit longer... Well I guess I could stick with you for that extra time and become even more manly.

Giga Lakitu: Squee!

Boshi: But don’t do that. ... Well come on, let’s go.

Boshi and Giga Lakitu head off to begin their quests to find themselves. Cowboy Jed waves goodbye as Mii T. walks by.

Cowboy Jed: Hey, wanna get behind the wheel?

Mii T.: Huh?

Cowboy Jed: I’m openin’ a shop where this old buildin’ is! Wanna help?

Mii T.: You mean P.T.’s studio? ... You know what? Sounds good, he never interviews anymore anyway. I’ll get the others.


Bobbery is talking to the Mario Bros.

Bobbery: I say, the town looks all good as new now.

Mario: Mm-hmm!

Bobbery: I look forward to sailing once again. But what of you, Mario Bros.? Now that evil is gone from the world, what will you do now?

Luigi: ... I a-hear that there’ll be a new a-Mario Kart!

Mario: Woohoo!

Bobbery: Ah yes, quite good, quite good. I’m going to go check on Rudy and Ms. Violet. Farewell, Mario and Luigi!

Mario: Good-a-bye, Bobbery!

Luigi: Byebye!


Larry is standing before the border into Dark Land.

Larry: Oh man... I’m the new king... Wow... Hey, since you’re my new right hand, you’ll be sure to keep me in line in case I go mad with power, right?

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Larry: That’s what I like to hear... Hey guys, you made sure to pay the Karate Duo, right?

Goomp: Yes we did.

Paraplonk: We took some out of Iggy’s bank account.

Guy: King Larry, you’re the new king of Dark Land. What are you gonna do now?

Larry: ... Crud, I wasn’t ready for that question. Uhhhh... I’ll get back to you.

Guy: I’ll write that as “be confused”.

Larry: ... Well anyway... no more evil... To keep more people like Shadoo gone from the world, we can’t be bad ourselves. Or at least not like when King Dad was in charge. So we should probably make peace with another country. Any suggestions?

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Larry: I guess. You know, I just now realized what I’m doing is eerily similar to what happens in that Avatar cartoon.

Old Snake: Creepy...



Violet and Bobbery are standing in front of Purple’s memorial. Both axes are resting on the memorial marker and Violet has a crutch.

Violet: I couldn’t have done it without you, Purple. Thank you.

Bobbery: Indeed.

???: ... Violet!

Violet and Bobbery look.

Violet/Bobbery: !

It’s Rudy! He looks fine, but his stomach is wrapped up. He’s still got his uniform on underneath. Violet hobbles toward Rudy, who himself runs toward Violet and they hug. Bobbery just walks. He’s not in a hurry. That’s how he rolls.

Violet: Rudy, you’re alive!

Rudy: Yeah, I woke up! The doctor said that I just needed to rest for a while and I’d be back on my feet! ... Admittedly a few Shroom Shakes helped move things along...

Bobbery: It’s good to see that you’re still among the living, Mr. Rudy!

Rudy: Thanks!

Violet: Uhh, P.T. told Boshi to tell me something... You and him-

Bobbery: Er, let’s save that conversation for later. You both recently got out of a makeshift hospital.

Violet: I guess so...

Rudy: Well Bobbery, what are you going to do?

Bobbery: I’m going to go back to sailing. I hear they sell good boats somewhere around here, so it won’t take me too long.

Rudy: And when you do get a boat, do you think you could take me and Violet to Isle Delfino?

Violet: What? But Rudy, we just got out of the hospital. In fact, walking here took a lot out of me as it is.

???: Hey, how about none of you walk or sail there and I’ll just give you a ride.

Everyone looks and notices a mini airship piloted by Larry.

Larry: Hi guys!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Larry: Need a lift? Some idiots wanted me to escort them to Isle Delfino, I figured I might as well ask if anyone else wants to go so I don’t make a lot of trips.

Blooper: Hey, we’re not idiots, okay?!

Torpedo Ted: I’m a torpedo!

Blooper: Except maybe him.

P.T.: Is Poochy supposed to not have a nose?

Poochy: Arf!

Blooper: Maybe him too.

Shade: Oh Blooper...

Larry: You’re all idiots, now shut up.

Bobbery: I say, this is convenient.

Rudy: Well Violet, what do you say?

Violet smiles.

<Ending Song: Hologram, by Nico Touches the Walls>

What happened to everyone, two years later...

-Toadbert got promoted to being the master strategist for Peach’s nearly nonexistent army. When Toadsworth passed on, Toadbert took his spot. Jojora, Junker X, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad continue to run the security to this day. If Larry believed in kidnapping Peach anymore, he’d have his hands full.

-Cowboy Jed ran the Mario Kart Emporium in Toad Town where P.T.’s studio used to be. P.T.’s old crew found that working for Cowboy Jed was very similar to working for P.T. Brett also joined the team.

-Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, and Sergeant Guy were promoted to being Larry’s royal bodyguards after they noticed their increased skills in combat.

-The Karate Duo Number 1 vanished and weren’t heard from again. At least, that’s what people think anyway.

-Captain Syrup and her crew roamed the seas, unchallenged by any rivals. First Mate Green Pirate Guy finally allowed Grak Barn to return to Windmillville one day when Syrup was sick and he was in charge. As punishment he had to help Francis swab the decks.

-Victor settled down in Koopa Village. Blooper and Shade frequently visit him, despite the fact that he doesn’t know them too well. He still seems to have quite the temper, but accepts the two of them.

-After failing their quest, Shade and Blooper turned to the Star Spirits for help. Petey, King Boo, Fin, Lakithunder, Army Hammer Bro., and even Goomba are said to have been reincarnated as new people, but at unknown places and times and with no memories. They could already be back.

-Luigi adopted Poochy. He and Mario enjoyed peaceful lives that consisted mainly of partying, racing, golfing, and every other activity under the sun.

-Boshi and Giga Lakitu returned to Toad Town, back and better than ever. They frequently brag about their (surprisingly true) adventures in the form of poetry at the rebuilt Club 64. They also visit Cowboy Jed at the Mario Kart Emporium.

-P.T. Piranha and Torpedo Ted went into business together, becoming freelance policemen/detectives/vigilantes, and/or any other excuse to beat up criminals. As Toadbert keeps the castle safe, these two keep the streets safe.

-Larry Koopa was the best king Dark Land had in a while, with Pyro Guy as his right hand and chancellor. Larry managed to earn a second chance for his kingdom from the other kingdoms, starting with the Mushroom Kingdom due to recently helping save it. His siblings objected only at first, especially Roy and Bowser Jr. Soon Larry is to discuss wedding Wendy to Prince Peasley for diplomatic reasons. Don’t tell Wendy.

-Axem Violet and Rudy Riverson travel the world with Bobbery on their boat, courage and strength abound. Purple would be proud of his sister. They sometimes see old friends and catch up with them. Oh, and something about getting married to each other.

And finally, at long last, the world was at peace.

The End
Larry's Adventure III: Brotherhood Ending
First thing's first, I added a line for Violet to give some new perspective on her role in the love triangle. The one about how she knew all along. She had no reaction to Boshi spilling his guts out at all, I coudln't bear to keep it that way.

So this is it. The end. The ending of Larry's Adventure 3, the end of the trilogy, and the end of my last real piece of work for Lemmy's Land. Coupled with the fact that these last chapters were written on graduation week, it was truly a time of endings for me. An old chapter of my life was closed, and a new one would begin within months.

Heh. Blooper I don't think you'll want that new Paper Mario game, no one seems to like it. Shade, Blooper, P.T., Torpedo Ted, and Poochy run off to start Larry's Adventure 4, which will never be written. They carry on the tradition of meeting P.T. early and having a reason to go to Isle Delfino.

The supporting cast all get their own loose ends tied up, and Boshi goes off to find new meaning in his life, alongside Giga Lakitu. Larry and Pyro Guy get to stay together in the end, and the elite trio even gets promoted to personal guards, just like they do in Dream Team (but before Dream Team was a thing).

And the story ends in the same spot it began, Purple's memorial, with an offer to take a vacation on Isle Delfino. Then of course we get to see what became of everyone.

So. That's it. The end. This story... was certainly better than the last two, in terms of my skills. There were still some problems, some things that I shouldn't have done. Noticeably, this is the most serious story I've written on Lemmy's Land, which brings a new set of problems, namely failing to keep the drama. Too often, I'd put in a joke or I'd dial back the drama because I was afraid of pushing the envelope.

The characters could also use some work. A lot of them were largely interchangeable at times, and I don't see how Violet deserved to be the main character alongside Larry.

But as a whole, this trilogy will always hold a special place in my heart. This is my magnum opus, as far as Lemmy's Land content goes. I'd once planned to rewrite it, but I think that instead, I'd rather keep it in the past. I'd rather move forward and write new things than dwell on what I've done. Especially if it means it won't be recognizable by the end.

Through the good and the bad, this was certainly a ride. I won't say there are no regrets, but I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything.
Chapter 36: The Saga Concludes

The final battle against Shadoo began, with Larry, Mario, Luigi, Boshi, P.T., Bobbery, Pyro Guy, Torpedo Ted, Blooper, Victor, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad. These twelve gave it their all against Shadoo and he eventually shed his form. But with his physical form failing and an overload of powers from his earlier victims, the Dark Star’s power itself took over Shadoo, though even the beast itself doesn’t know if it’s the Dark Star or Goomba or someone else. With everyone tired, Violet finally appeared to finish this.

<Opening: Rain, by SID>

Captain Syrup, Grak, Green, P.T.’s gang, Dry Bones, Snake, Poochy, Goomp, Guy, Paraplonk, and Brett have all been evacuated from town. The remaining people who aren’t at the fight are just outside the city.

Giga Lakitu: So is that everyone?

Cowboy Jed: Yee-haw it sure is!

Wiggler: Should we go help the others?

Junker X shakes his head.

Spike: Even though I’m lazy, he has a point. We should probably stay here and keep an eye on these guys.

Wiggler: I guess you’re right.

Spike: Woo, laziness finally wins the day.

Back at the battlefield near the mall, Blue Toad, Rudy, and Shade run over to their friends.

Yellow Toad: There you are!

Blue Toad: I got warped to a hill with those guys!

Rudy: Guys, listen! It’s very important that we stay out of the way! Purple- her brother- is going to guide her through this battle while she holds two axes, but it doesn’t work if there are lots of people running around, so we should all find some place to duck and watch.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Shade: We don’t know how it works.

Dark Shadoo: So... You’re ready to fight?

Violet: Yes... And I won’t let you get away.

Dark Shadoo: Keep in mind I could very well be Petey Piranha. Or King Boo. Or one of the other innocent people that Shadoo destroyed. But I could very well be Goomba or the Dark Star.

Blooper: Didn’t you say that their minds aren’t in your body? So technically you’re probably the Dark Star.

Dark Shadoo: Huh. Now that I think about it, that’s probably right. I guess I am the Dark Star. I’m just doing to Shadoo what I did to Fawful. But somehow I took over his mind... Well it doesn’t matter. This is the end.

Dark Shadoo shoots a giant dark laser at Violet, but she jumps out of the way and rolls. She quickly throws an axe at Dark Shadoo and it sticks in his stomach... Ew...

Dark Shadoo: OW!

She throws the other and it does the same thing. Then Violet jumps over to Dark Shadoo, pulls the axes out, and X-cuts him.

Dark Shadoo: AAAAH! ... BLAH!

He belches a bolt of lightning at Violet.


Dark Shadoo then spits a cannonball at Violet, knocking her away.

Quick, get up! And cross the axes to form a shield next time he tries that!

Violet: Okay, Purple!

P.T.: Who’s she talking to?

Boshi: You really don’t pay attention at all, do you?

Violet holds out both axes and starts spinning to build up power.

Pyro Guy: ... !

He spits a fireball at Violet as she’s spinning, causing her tornado to catch fire.


Rudy: Oh good job, numbskull!

Torpedo Ted: I have an idea! Torpedo Whirlwind!

He creates his own tornado that collides with Violet’s (going in the same direction), causing hers to get bigger, big enough to start sucking Dark Shadoo in.

Dark Shadoo: No... No! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

When the tornado stops, a burnt Dark Shadoo is in the air above a slightly less burnt Violet.

Torpedo Ted: Um... Not quite my idea, but it works.

Ignore the pain, you know this guy is!

She wall jumps off a nearby building and reaches the foe’s height. Now she starts chopping him repeatedly.

Dark Shadoo: Rrr!

He explodes in dark power, but Violet blocks it just how Purple instructed her to. When the explosion ends she resumes chopping him.

Dark Shadoo: AAAAAHHH!!!

He grabs Violet by the arms and flies down before slamming her into the ground. Then he pulls out two bombs and throws both at Violet before she can get up or move.

Violet: OW!

Dark Shadoo creates two more bombs and does the same thing while Violet’s still reacting, and keeps repeating this until a blue-spotted egg hits him in the head.

Dark Shadoo: What the...?

Violet gets up and slashes Dark Shadoo in the neck.


He shoots lightning at Violet, and since she’s metallic she takes it a lot worse than someone else would.


Bobbery: By Mustang’s mustache, that can’t be good.

Luigi: Bro. How come a-that didn’t a-work against Metal Mario?

Mario: Because-a, he said he was a-not that kind of a-metal.

Larry: Someone should stop him! Boshi, another egg!

Boshi: I’m too worn out!

Victor: Conveniently enough...

Rudy: Well what do we do?!

Boshi: I’ll help in a different way!

Boshi runs over to the fight, but Shadoo uses his other hand to shoot lightning at Boshi continuously.


P.T.: Well hey, he’s only got two arms and they’re both taken!

P.T. runs over, but trips almost immediately.

P.T.: Ow.

Other non-fighters: ...

Rudy: ... Wait!

Rudy pulls out a fire potion and throws it at Dark Shadoo.

Dark Shadoo: GAH!

The electric onslaught ends for Violet and Boshi, but the former is at dangerously low health from taking the attack for so long, especially when it does more damage to Axems.


Dark Shadoo starts to shoot lightning at Rudy, but he gets out of the way.

Shade: AAAH!

It’s about to hit Shade! But suddenly Victor pushes him out of the way and takes the hit himself, and his armor is conducting the electricity.

Victor: AAAH-....!!!

He falls unconscious.

Dark Shadoo: Does anyone else want to have a go?! I’ve got lots of watts, and they’re all aching to meet you!

Violet runs up to Dark Shadoo, leaning her head back. When she gets to him, the enemy receives a nasty headbutt that knocks him back a few yards.

Dark Shadoo: You little-

Thrown axe to the face.


Violet, quit attacking! I didn’t guide you to headbutt and then throw your axe! I said to find somewhere to heal so one of your friends can takeover!

Without talking, Violet throws her other axe, runs up to Dark Shadoo, grabs the axe handles, and jump-kicks Dark Shadoo away, knocking him out of the axes, but he’s about to land on Boshi.

Mario: Boshi!

Boshi: ...

Blue Toad and Yellow Toad pull Boshi out of the way before Dark Shadoo lands where he was.

Dark Shadoo: OUCH!

Boshi: Ow... That lightning still hurts... Also, remind me never to get on her bad side either...

Dark Shadoo instantly stands back up.

Dark Shadoo: YOU FOOL!

He starts floating close to the ground and toward Violet. P.T. wakes up.

P.T.: Nyaaaaa!

P.T. gets up from where he was laying and quickly scrambles to the others, getting out of the way.

Dark Shadoo: Do you think you can keep this up?! DO YOU?!

He shoots a bolt of lightning at Violet, which hits regardless of axe-shielding.


Dark Shadoo: You might’ve survived that last one, but you haven’t healed! This time your game ends for sure!

Rudy/Boshi: Violet!


Dark Shadoo: And this will be a reminder to all of your friends over there as to exactly what happens to those who think they can defeat me! Because next I’m going after them!

Blooper: Hey I never did anything to you!

Violet: (Purple... I should’ve listened! But I guess now we’ll be back together...)

No Violet, look!

Violet struggles to turn her head and sees Rudy jump in the way of the bolt, taking the hit himself.


Boshi: (I... don’t think I could’ve brought myself to do that...)

Larry: Little guy, no!

Bobbery: Rudy!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Violet: RUDY!

The attack ends and Dark Shadoo slowly floats over to the X-Naut’s body, then kicks it away.

Dark Shadoo: Adorable. But that’s the second and final time he’s going to interrupt my-

Violet, ironically enough, interrupts Dark Shadoo, with a vertical slice.

Dark Shadoo: GAAH! STOP DOING-

Horizontal slice. For the first time, Violet is mad. Dark Shadoo catches on and launches another cannonball, which Violet quickly chops.

Violet: He was my best friend!

She jump up and throws both axes down into Dark Shadoo’s shoulders before coming down and pulling the axes down through the monster, removing its arms. Dark mist and black boxes spew out of the holes made.

Dark Shadoo: No! This form! It can’t be fading already!

Yellow Toad: Is he harmless and armless?

Blue Toad/Larry: Shut up.

P.T.: (For once it’s not me.)

Violet uses one axe to keep chopping Dark Shadoo before kicking him away.

Dark Shadoo: AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Then she throws the axe at his torso as he lands.

Dark Shadoo: OOAAOW!

Blue Toad and Yellow Toad start throwing pebbles at him, which no one notices other than Dark Shadoo.

Dark Shadoo: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Violet: Rrrrr!!!

Violet spins to build up speed and then throws the second axe at Dark Shadoo’s head, tearing it off with the velocity (gross), and the same mist and boxes fountain out.


Finally she runs up to the remaining body...

Dark Shadoo’s voice: THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE-


...and swings both fists down on it, doing massive damage.

Larry: She got him!


He staggers for a while and eventually explodes, releasing a dark mist that forms into a giant copy of the Dark Star’s normal shape.

Mario: Mamamia!

Boshi: Violet-

Bobbery: She’s down!

Violet has fainted from the damage she took during the battle. The mist charges up a beam, but suddenly the elemental crystals appear and form into a single, multicolored crystal around the monster.

Larry: Wait, so now he’s just trapped?

The crystal then zaps its prisoner, destroying the Dark Star once and for all.

Larry: Oh, okay. So that’s what they were for.

Bobbery: Good thing we collected them.

Then the crystal explodes, sending everyone flying.

Luigi/Boshi/P.T./Yellow Toad: Waaaah!

Larry/Blooper/Blue Toad: Whoa!

Mario: Mamamia!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Bobbery/Shade: Oh!

Rudy, Victor, and Violet can’t react, possibly being dead.




Larry's Adventure III: Brotherhood Ch. 36
The end of the final battle. The epilogue is next.

Lemmy didn't like how everyone else sat on the side while Violet took on the final boss for herself. I guess that's a valid complaint, I should've handled it better. They did sometimes do something to help, but not a whole lot.

The real problem is, I actually almost forgot about the crystals entirely, hence the sloppy last-second utility at the end.

It's weird to hear Dark Shadoo refer to Petey or King Boo as innocent people. They were good guys in the trilogy, but villains overall.

So I think I tried too hard for some levity. Some things just shouldn't have had jokes. I think the fight was okay overall, but some things could've been fixed.
Chapter 35: Axe Grind

Larry realized that the only way to purge the world of evil was to stop being evil himself. So he crossed over to the light side and delivered the royal beatdown on Dark Larry. Meanwhile the power of teamwork finally brought an end to Metal Mario. Now aside from a few stray grunts, Shadoo is all that remains. Will everything come to an end?

<Opening: Rain, by SID>

The united group runs out of Princess Peach’s castle.

Boshi: Well that’s everyone but Violet, I’m gonna go find her!

P.T.: (! He digs Violet! I have to make sure he doesn’t ruin Rudy’s chances or else I’ll never get that game from Rudy!) I’m coming too.

Torpedo Ted: Me too, because I’m a torpedo!

Boshi: No, uh... You gotta help stop Shadoo from getting to full power. Yeah, that’s it.

Mario: He has a point-a.

Bobbery: But Boshi, wouldn’t Rudy have already figured out where she could be by now? I say we have quite enough people to at least attempt to take on Shadoo.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Boshi: Ugh, you’re killing me, guys. All right, fine, he’s near the mall, so let’s go.

Everyone heads towards the direction of the mall, but they notice something about the town.

Luigi: Bro. Does a-something seem different around here?

Mario: Mamamia, look!

Blue Toad: Oh no!

Syrup and Green are unconscious on the ground. Grak is laying on a lawn chair.

Grak: What can I say? They were outmatched.

Syrup: Too... many of them... Barely won...

Bobbery: She’s fought too many enemies.

P.T.: My gang! Oh, and Brett.

Torpedo Ted: Snaaaake!

Old Snake is unconscious near P.T.’s interviewer gang and Brett, as are the Karate Duo, Poochy, Dry Bones, Goomp, Guy, and Paraplonk.

Larry: I wonder how Tiki Tong’s holding up...

Giga Lakitu: Oh, and I suppose this is a bad time to mention that Tiki Tong was destroyed by Shadoo before we saved Rudy’s life.

Larry: ... Shoot. Looks like everyone’s worn out from all the fighting before... Which means this is the biggest our group can get.

Wiggler: All of us against Shadoo?

Yellow Toad: I don’t like those odds.

Larry: You’re about to like them less, I think Wiggler should stay behind to look after the guys that got worn out.

Spike: Hey, will you put me down now?

Junker X shakes his head.

Spike: Well at least I don’t have to walk to places.

Larry: Actually Junker X, stay with Spike and Wiggler. Spike doesn’t do anything anyway so he’d just get in the way during the fight. And Junker, you could probably keep them safe.

Spike: Good idea.

Junker X sets Spike down.

Larry: Giga Lakitu and Cowboy Jed? You guys help Wiggler and Junker X since obviously Spike won’t.

Blue Toad: Larry, why do you keep decreasing our numbers?!

Larry: Because we have to think about other people! Now it’s just me, Mario, Luigi, Boshi, P.T., Bobbery, Pyro Guy, you, Yellow Toad, and Torpedo Ted against Shadoo, right?

Blooper: Don’t forget me! I kind of got lost. Victor and I found Shadoo and we were gonna look for backup, but now... well I’m lost, like I said.

Larry: Come on, you’re with us then.

Meanwhile Violet is sitting on top of one of those giant, spotted hills, as described by Hinopio.

Violet: He’s right. What good am I? All I ever do is just stand around scared, only fighting back when I’m the only one standing. Larry and the others could probably do this without me. In fact, they’d probably do it faster without me there to scream about everything Shadoo would do...

???: What?

Rudy appears.

Rudy: Violet, what are you saying? You’re not a coward or a wimp!

Violet: Of course I am! I’m scared of everything we’ve ever done on this whole adventure! Whenever the others would go charging in, I’d sort of follow behind reluctantly!

Rudy: Violet, it’s not so much that they’re brave, but that they’re stupid. Larry and Boshi are obnoxious, and clearly P.T. and Pyro Guy aren’t all there in the head. You’ll notice Bobbery doesn’t get involved when he thinks it’s a bad idea either. You’re not a coward, you’re smart.

Violet: But-

Shade appears.

Shade: Violet you can’t think like that or the bad guy wins! He’s messing with your weaknesses so that you don’t ever have a chance to fight him! He’s getting you out of his way! So you’ve got to run right back to Shadoo and beat him!

Rudy: We’re all gathering together to get rid of him, and we need you, Violet. I need you! And Shadoo needs you to kick his butt, but he doesn’t know that.

Shade: Your brother needs you.

Violet: What? How do you even know Purple?

Shade: I went on two different journeys with him. Kind of. Before he died, he gave me his axe and now I think I know why. He wants you to have it so you can be stronger and show people like Shadoo exactly what a dual-wielding Axem can do.

Violet: ... Are you sure?

Shade: Yeah.

Rudy: Come on, Violet, no moping!

Violet: ...

Back in Toad Town, the rest of the party comes across Shadoo.

Blooper: About time!

Shadoo: So I take it you’re all here to do me in? Rollanratl, I summon you!

P.T.: That wooden thing took care of him.

Shadoo: Oh... Hot Roderick!

Boshi: Arrested.

Shadoo: Metal Mario!

Luigi: Shattered-a!

Shadoo: Shroobs?

Torpedo Ted: I’m a torpedo!

Shadoo: ... Dark Larry?

Larry: I’m a good guy now, so I beat him.

Shadoo: And I take it Francis is out too. Well... This is awkward. I never expected you guys to get this far. Well... I’ll just have to do it myself. I have all this power.

Mario: Shadoo! Give it up-a right now! We’ve all a-been through everything you’ve pulled and still made it-a this far!

Luigi: We’ll-a win this fight!

Larry: You’ve tried impersonating my dad, and inadvertently got both Goomba and I possessed!

P.T.: You smell funny.

Boshi: You broke Violet’s heart.

Bobbery: If anyone’s game should ever be over, anyone at all, it would be yours.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Torpedo Ted: I’m not afraid of you! Why? Because I’M A TORPEDO!

Blue Toad/Yellow Toad: Yeah!

Shadoo: Fine. I sat through your monologues... But tell me, do you really think you can stand up to me after what I did to Shade’s friends?

Everyone gets ready.

In Flower Fields...

Sun: This whole thing’s getting way too dramatic. I’ll bring some light to this day to help them out, so we can get back to the funny.

Axem Purple: Violet, can you hear me?

Violet: ... Purple? What’s going on?

Purple: We’re having a scene inside your head. Listen. Shade was right about my axe. I didn’t have time to explain it well, since I had only limited time to defeat Tabuu or the Smash Ball spell would wear off. But you were supposed to have my axe all along after my death. But Shade never gave it to you. He must’ve figured it out himself recently.

Violet: Okay, but what does this mean?

Purple: Shade talked about dual wielding. Only the most powerful Axems could dream of doing it. I dabbled in it before I gave my second axe to you when you came of age.

Violet: Oh yeah. That was scary.

Purple: But Violet, remember. While you are more hesitant as a result of being smarter, you’re not as scared as you think. If you really were that scared of all the things you’ve done, would you have come this far?

Violet: ... I guess I wouldn’t! I... I stood up to Victor, I went into space, I won the Star Battle Arena, found the Fire Crystal, and even challenged the Koopa Kingdom in Sky Land!

Purple: That’s right. Now use my axe to stop Shadoo! He’s the last evil in this world, you can’t let him keep going!

Violet: But I haven’t dual wielded before!

Purple: You’ll find an instruction manual tied to my axe. I didn’t put it there, but it’s convenient. And I can kind of guide you from beyond or something.

Violet: Okay... I’m ready.


The sun shines brightly in Toad Town.

Shadoo: Grr! The sun! I hate the sun!

Larry: Well he owes me a favor! Now let’s do this!

Everyone else: YEAH!

Shadoo: Well then... Prepare for your games to be over!

Everyone runs toward Shadoo, but he floats up and disappears in a black hole and reappears behind the party.

Shadoo: If you can even catch me!

Pyro Guy spits a homing fireball at Shadoo.

Shadoo: Uh-oh.

Shadoo tries using Dark Star power to warp around the area, but the fireball keeps chasing him until it eventually toasts him.

Shadoo: Gah!

Bobbery: Take this!


Shadoo: Ooh! You pathetic Cyclops!

Shadoo grabs Bobbery and throws him into the nearest building. Boshi grabs Shadoo’s leg with his tongue and tries to swallow. But the fiend spins around, swinging Boshi around too. This is eventually stopped when Luigi uses the Fire Jump Punch on Shadoo.

Shadoo: Grrr!

Boshi: My tongue!

Mario: Oh yeah! Hee-YAAAAA!!!

Mario uses the Mario Finale. Twin fireballs are launched towards Shadoo. Boshi falls to the ground and Luigi jumps out of the way so that Shadoo’s the only one hit.

Blue Toad: Ha-AAAAA!

Blue Toad tries to jump onto Shadoo, but Shadoo sucks Blue Toad into a black hole.

Yellow Toad: Yvan! Where is he?!

Shadoo: I don’t even know. But it’s one less runt to deal with!

Pyro Guy fire-sneeze-rockets himself into Shadoo from the side.

Shadoo: OOF!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Torpedo Ted’s voice: TORPEDO AWAY!

Torpedo Ted rams Shadoo from the other side.

Blooper’s voice: And me!

Blooper gets him from above. Shadoo grabs Pyro Guy and Blooper and throws them in two different directions.

P.T.: Hot potato!

He tries throwing a fiery potato at Shadoo, but the monster kicks it towards Yellow Toad.

Yellow Toad: HOT! HOT! HOT!

P.T.: Err... Hey Torpedo Ted, let’s try fusion!

Torpedo Ted: Okay, because I’m-

Shadoo hits Torpedo Ted in the face with his palm, knocking him into a store.

Shadoo: Out of the battle!

Mario does the Super Jump Punch and at the same time, Larry uses Whirling Fortress on Shadoo.

Shadoo: YOU FOOLS!

He spins around quickly and makes a tornado, sucking in Mario, Larry, Luigi, P.T., Yellow Toad, Pyro Guy, and Blooper. Shadoo stops and they’re all in the air, then unleashes lightning upon himself reaching the ground. Bolts keep hitting them without end.

Everyone: AAAAHHHH!!!

Shadoo: NOW YOU DIE!

Victor appears and slashes Shadoo across the front.

Shadoo: AAAAAHHHH!!!

The lightning stops and the others fall to the ground.

Shadoo: You-

Victor: HRR!

Victor stabs his sword through Shadoo.

Victor: NOW YOU DIE!

Shadoo: How cute, you think I can be killed that easily.

Shadoo fills himself with electricity, which the sword conducts. Luckily Victor lets go in time. But then the sword explodes, sending sharp metal shards everywhere.

Pyro Guy: *muffled scream*!

Luigi: Ya!

Luigi uses the Green Missile on Shadoo, which is soon met by a similar attack from both Blooper and Torpedo Ted.

Shadoo: HRRRR!!!

Shadoo explodes with dark power, knocking Luigi, Blooper, and Torpedo Ted unconscious. Then he barely dodges a fireball from Larry’s mouth as Yellow Toad starts climbing a building.

Mario: Let’s-a go!

He releases the Mario Finale once again, burning Shadoo. Yellow Toad jumps off the building and ground pounds on Shadoo.

Shadoo: Oof!

He’s hit with an egg from behind. Shadoo turns.

Shadoo: You really think that’ll work?

Boshi: No, but this will!

Bobbery is launched at Shadoo via P.T.’s hammer.


Shadoo: Gaaaa!

P.T.: Owned.

Suddenly Shadoo’s left arm explodes and tiny black box outlines start pouring onto the ground below him.

Shadoo: My arm!

Yellow Toad: Woohoo! Teamwork!

Yellow Toad picks up Larry and throws him at Shadoo, right at the head. This knocks his head off and boxes pour out of the neck like it was a fountain, then the head explodes in midair.

Shadoo: My head!

Victor: He can talk without his head?

Boshi: Who knew?

Shadoo: Ugh...

Mario: I’d a-say it’s about over for him!

Shadoo: Oh you’d like that, wouldn’t you Mario? Well guess what! All you did was destroy this form! I’ll just shed once more!

The rest of Shadoo’s body explodes and the little boxes all gather to form a cloud of bigger boxes.

Victor: Watch out! This is how he got rid of the others!

Larry: And Goomba...

A box grabs Luigi.

Mario: Luigi!

The box grabs Luigi and starts to carry him toward the big cloud, but Mario grabs the box and pulls it away from the cloud.


Mario: You won’t a-take my brother away!

Pyro Guy keeps spitting fireballs at the cloud, doing slight damage.


P.T.: Now what?


The cloud explodes in dark energy and the box Luigi is in disappears.


Shadoo’s Dimentio-like form reappears. Only now it’s entirely dark bluish-purple and with red eyes.

Boshi: Now who is it?!

???: I... I don’t know who I am. I feel like I’m the Dark Star... But... I could be anyone. I know I overtook Shadoo’s body so I know I’m not him. Am I the Dark Star? Am I Goomba? Am I perhaps one of the people unfortunate enough to have been consumed by Shadoo? It’s unclear...

P.T.: Let’s call him Bob!

Bob: No... I must cause this world to be swallowed in darkness... Starting with that sun!

Bob’s hands glow with purple energy, causing dark clouds to swarm the skies.

Bob: Now for a more fitting name... Well until I can think of one, Dark Shadoo will suffice.

Blue Toad’s voice: Well hey Dark Shadoo, look who’s here to kick your tail!

Dark Shadoo and everyone else look.

Boshi: You!

Blue Toad, Shade, Rudy, and Violet all walk up to the scene. Violet’s holding both her axe and Purple’s axe.

Dark Shadoo: Ah, it’s the Axem. Well your friends beat Shadoo badly enough so that I could overtake him... Whoever I am. But are you ready for me?

Violet says nothing and glares at Dark Shadoo. She’s ready.

<Credits: Ray of Light, by Nakagawa Shoko>
Larry's Adventure III: Brotherhood Ch. 35
The final battle begins.

Shadoo didn't beat up the other characters, they simply wore themselves out while fighting all the mobs. I should have shown more of that. And conveniently enough, all characters who aren't in the main party or Shade's party are fighting Shadoo. I wanted Wiggler, Junker X, and Spike to help, but someone did need to look after the others, and I think that I might've had trouble working in three more characters.

We also get the last bit of Violet's alleged character arc. Like with Larry, I think it also was sloppily wedged in. She has been timid throughout the story, and the other characters are dumb, but I don't know if Rudy completely has it on motivational speeches.

Also, Axem Purple gets his one appearance, to guide Violet from beyond the grave. This makes him, Shade, P.T., and Petey the four characters to appear in all three stories.

So Shadoo's body was destroyed when all the characters were able to gang up on him. His formless cloud couldn't handle having all these powers while receiving all this trauma. This caused Shadoo's powers to consume him. Shadoo is gone, and only the dark power itself remains. I like it.

Though it was a bit lopsided, the gang clearly had the advantage over Shadoo. A moment or two where they had trouble, sure, but they seemed fine.
For the last few weeks on, I have been writing a Sonic 2006 parody fic.

It's called "Sonic 2006: Dude, Where's His World?" and it will parody the entire game.…

It's only five chapters in right now, but I do plan to complete the story. Full of references to other Sonic games, and a new perspective on making fun of the game, without resorting to raging fury. So if you're interested in reading my take on Sonic 06, then I recommend you read this story, if you please.

The reason I say all this is because I will not be posting it on this site.
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