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Embellished version of what actually happened:

-PT: Okay, beat the guys at the museum, let's see about doing a Contest.

-(So I go to the contest building.)

-PT: ...Where is she? I'm in the contest building, where is that contest girl? That little NPC explicitly told me that- Screw it, I'll see if I can find a contest pass north of town.

-(So I head north.)

-NPC 1: Hey Bob, the contest girl is here now. After that, let's go to the Shell Shack, they have a talking dog!

-PT: Son of a-

-(So I go see the girl and her media mob outside of the contest building.)

-Contest girl: Which trainer will I give the contest pass to? ^.^

-PT: Me. You're going to pick me.

-Contest girl: I pick (protagonist)!

-PT: See?

-(So I get the pass and try to register.)

-Contest girl: There you are! Are you really going to sign up!

-PT: I swear to Arceus, lady, stop inconveniencing me!

-(So she gives me the costume and I enter a contest.)

-Receptionist: Now waiting for a room you can join...

-PT: Wait this is multiplayer? Dang it! Wait, what if I become the leader of a room?

-Receptionist: How many should join your room?

-PT: SON OF A- Wait, what about the other receptionist?

-Other Receptionist: Would you like to join a contest?

-PT: Yeah.

-(So I join the contest and see whom my opponents are.)

-PT: Wow I am the oldest person here.

-(So I accidentally have Braixen use Scratch)

-PT: WAIT I DIDN'T MEAN IT- Wait, you actually liked it? 'Kay.

-(So the enemy Poochyena proceeds to dominate)

-PT: Oh come on stop using that move!

-(So Braixen uses Ember and earns points, but then gets one deducted)

-PT: Oh come on!

-(So I proceed to end up in second place)

-PT: Daaaa! And wait, is my 3DS light red? Daaaaa-

-Contest girl: Aww you lost, but you can try again next time! Have a berry!


-(So I head out.)

-PT: Great, now I gotta try again if I ever want to get-

-NPC: Say would you like Cosplay Pikachu? Here you go!

-PT: Oh, well cool, guess I don't need to win a contest to get one.

-(So I dress it up as a luchador and take it to the name rater.)

-Name Rater: What should we name this Pikachu?

-PT: EL CALIENTE! It's Spanish for "The Caliente".

-Name Rater: I love it!

-PT, a minute later: Wait that Pikachu is a girl, so it should be "La Caliente". Hijo de-

And that's how I got Cosplay Pikachu, true story.
PT's Adventures in Slateport City (Kai)
Basically a quick summary of what happened when I tried to do a Pokemon Contest in Omega Ruby in order to get Cosplay Pikachu. This is copy/pasted from a forum post, and I'm putting it here so it doesn't get buried and lost for eternity.

It's called Kai, because it's a reference to Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged, which had a rapid pace, much like how this is intended to have a rapid pace.
Well I must admit I am impressed. Such a puny human beating the big, bad goddess of fog. Why Yu, that must make you and your friends the most powerful high school students of all time. Locally, at least. I'm actually rather proud. If we'd fought when we first met in April, you wouldn't have made it this far.

But don't worry, there isn't some
other mastermind to deal with, the game really is over. ... Which is why I'm going to delete your save file! 3, 2, 1, vanish!




No, I'm just kidding. Calm down, Yu. Your save file is... safe. Your registered personas aren't going anywhere. I don't even have a body anymore, unless you count that Marie girl. And she couldn't delete your save file if she
wanted to. I'm not even sure if I actually exist anymore. That's the real loss we've suffered this year.

My gorgeous crimson eyes, this literal body of a goddess is no more. Izanagi may be weeping at this moment! Your fault! Eh, oh well. I'll think of something. With the popularity of Persona 4 and its spinoffs, it's only a matter of time until they decide to use me again.

Anyhoo, you can always revisit me, Ameno, and other... "friends" in a new cycle data. You can fight me, fuse personas, and social link with your friends again and again like a favorite book, or a broken record. Oh! And if the mood strikes you, you can try playing the new cycle on a higher difficulty. It's not too different, but the Shadows' stats are a little tougher to deal with, and you can brag to all the forums how you beat the game on the hardest difficulty!

And because I'm
not a sore loser, I'm allowing you to keep your Persona Compendium registries and all the yen you've earned thus far, for whenever you play on the new cycle.

So here's to Persona 4 Golden, my new favorite game of all time. Thanks for playing!

Izanami: Out
Izanami's Message to Yu (P4/Kid Icarus spoilers)
I was listening to Hades' speech at the end of Kid Icarus Uprising, and I randomly thought, "What if Izanami had something similar at the end of Persona 4?" So I wrote this. It's pretty much the same speech, but modified to be about Persona 4.

Now I'm thinking about if Izanami was a more active antagonist, and if she were as much of a rascal as Hades was. That'd be fun.
One day after swearing off drinking human blood, the vampire known as Lord Valvatorez, formerly 'Tyrant' was sitting in a director's chair, yelling through a megaphone at a Prinny. He was instructing it, guiding the Prinny to behave appropriately for its species, especially the subject of including 'dood' in every line they ever said.

At that moment, his loyal companion entered the room. He was a wolf man who went by the name, 'Fenrich'.

"My lord, what are you doing?"

The vampire looked away from the task at hand and turned to greet Fenrich. "Good day, Fenrich. I'm teaching this Prinny how to behave properly."

"Teaching a Prinny? But why?"

"I'm not sure. I was just looking at it, and suddenly I had this irresistible urge to instruct the Prinny." Valvatorez paused. "No, not just an urge- it was much more than that! It was my destiny to instruct this Prinny!"

"Destiny?" Fenrich repeated, lost in this conversation.

Valvatorez nodded. "Yes. And then, as I taught it how to behave, I suddenly had this feeling of inner peace. I can't put it into words." He thought for a moment. "I feel... accomplished. Like this was what I was meant to do, as though I'd found the key to true happiness. Does any of this make sense, Fenrich?"

"Not even a little..." Fenrich could not believe he was having this conversation.

The vampire thought to himself for a moment. "Maybe we should find you a Prinny, so you can instruct it. Then you'll know what I mean."

"With all do respect, my lord, I don't want to know what you mean. Between this and your recent fixation on sardines, is everything about you since making that promise, strange?"

Valvatorez gave Fenrich a look that implied he had no clue what Fenrich was referring to. The wolf sighed and tried to find a new direction for this discussion.

"Well, I suppose even that lousy Prinny could do worse than to be a more efficient servant." This is what Fenrich told himself mentally, as well.

Fenrich had just assumed this would be a phase. Something to keep Valvatorez busy until he could get back on his feet. Far be it from Fenrich to disallow anything for Valvatorez. All was for his lord, after all.

Which made it especially hard for Fenrich to cope, when he had learned that Valvatorez had signed on as a Prinny Instructor at Hades.
Valvatorez: Prinny Instructor
I had this idea to take Snake and Sigint's conversation about cardboard boxes in Metal Gear Solid 3, and turn it into a conversation between Valvatorez and Fenrich from Disgaea 4.

It was going to be about eating sardines, then I changed it to instructing Prinnies, and adjusted the lines so they'd sound more like how Valvatorez and Fenrich would talk. I don't think I 100% nailed them, but I think I did all right.

Just a short, quick writing thing.
And I'm sorry, I need to say it, but: Chuggaaconroy annoys the crap out of me.

I know he's a nice guy and all, but he is so obnoxious (on purpose, even) that at times it's hard to sit through the videos, it's easy to remember why I stopped watching them for a while.

Sure ProtonJon acts as a foil to him, but man. If I were in Jon's shoes, I'd probably be harsher than he already is.

You know Chugga, there are more ways to entertain an audience than through group dysfunction, oddly enough.

The guy's almost universally loved throughout the Youtube Let's Play fanbase, so I just felt the need to vent. I mean it could be worse, at least he's not Pewdiepie.
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Yeah DA kinda sucks now. Kinda.
United States
I like to stay true to my principles, be honest, and have integrity. I try to be nice, but I realize I haven't been the best example of that. The temptations of sarcasm and frustration get me sometimes. I like a lot of things.

But if I hate something, you'll know.

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Favourite cartoon character: TOO MANY
Personal Quote: "Bananas."

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