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Who are they? A rock band. What do they want? To use the Power of Rock to gain hearts and become totally rad.

Home Biscuit Xemnas – Creepy guy. Works ‘nothingness’ into every sentence. Face of the band.

Ol’ Xigbar – The only one who actually knows how poorly the band performs during concerts. Works at a soup kitchen on weekends.

Crazy Sideburns Dude – Shoot, I dunno. I keep forgetting about him every time I try to remember who’s in the Organization without using a cheat sheet.

Boring Saix – Tries to get Axel-senpai to notice him. He gets angry when he looks at the moon very hard.

Reno- I mean Axel – Grew a fiery mullet when he was in his late teens. Starting a jazz trio with Roxas and some other girl.

Wonder Demyx – Thinks he can pull off a Mohawk/mullet combination. He can’t.

Gambling Guy – I can’t remember his name. Luther? Yeah that’s probably it. Geez how many people does this stinkin’ organization have, anyway?

Roxas – Kind of a zombie. Gets shipped with Axel or Xion.

Marluxia, Larxene, Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus – Used to be in the band, but then they got fired. From life. Even Saix laughed at them.

Xion – The only chick left in the band, but she’s too busy being a hipster to notice.

Requirements to join the organization:
1. Must be a Nobody
2. Must have a totally tubular weapon
3. Must resist mainstream urges
4. Must acknowledge Rock as the superior musical genre
Reliable Guide to Organization XIII
Parody of a tumblr post I saw about the Red Lotus from Legend of Korra. Wrote a version about the members of Organization XIII who survived long enough to be featured in 358/2 Days.
For the last few weeks on, I have been writing a Sonic 2006 parody fic.

It's called "Sonic 2006: Dude, Where's His World?" and it will parody the entire game.…

It's only five chapters in right now, but I do plan to complete the story. Full of references to other Sonic games, and a new perspective on making fun of the game, without resorting to raging fury. So if you're interested in reading my take on Sonic 06, then I recommend you read this story, if you please.

The reason I say all this is because I will not be posting it on this site.
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*blows dust off DA journal*

But seriously though. If you're a fan of 90's Rare, and you somehow don't know about Yooka-Laylee, here it is:…

A bunch of the old Rare talent (including Grant Kirkhope and David Wise) are on board to make a spiritual successor to the Banjo games we know and love. Within forty minutes, they've already met their goal. And they've already blasted through the first few stretch goals.

If you're a fan of BK and have some spare change, I'd go for it if I were you. If you can't donate, be like me and spread the word to others. Anything to help, because this looks seriously awesome.
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Chapter 22: The Fate of the Universe

The heroes entered the Great Maze and were forced to fight monochrome copies of all the major enemies in the story (sans Tabuu) as well as clones of themselves. It was long and hard, but now all the heroes united can stop Tabuu. Will they make it in time? Who knows? They’d better.

Everyone: Huh?!

They find themselves on a long, stone path in the air in Subspace that leads to a giant sun. As they walk along the path, generic Subspace minions attack them, but they’re quickly disposed of. With little time left, the fellowship start running. They find a large castle wall with two Tabuu statues guarding the door. The statues turn to them and start charging laser orbs, but Rufus ground pounds one and Purple slices the other.

Yux: … I never used the Randomize in the last chapter!

P.T.: Yeah you did, it was in a deleted scene.

Fin: The good news, I got a burrito! The bad news, your car was stolen.

Yux: I just bought that car!

Petey: If we all have bad news, but the bad thing happens to him, isn’t it good news for us?

Before they can ponder this, the door opens and they continue up a spiral staircase that goes around the sun. It then leads to a lift that carries them up to a lava tunnel like in Super Mario Galaxy.

Luigi: Way too familiar.

After maneuvering the tunnel (the flying party members just fly across), they find another lift that leads to a final staircase. The heroes go up the stairs and make it to the top, where Tabuu greets them.

Rob: Tabuu!

Tabuu: Well, well, well… You’ve done well to make it this far… But now YOU’RE FINISHED!

Tabuu prepares to do another Off-Wave attack when suddenly a grenade appears and blows up his wings, then something falls and lands on Tabuu, knocking him down to where the group is. The person who did this is revealed.


Snake's Brawl victory theme plays.

Everyone: Snake?

Snake: That’s right, I’m here to-

Tabuu gets back up and kicks Snake over the edge.

Luigi: Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAKE!

Tabuu: THAT’S IT!

Tabuu blows up the platform the group is on and they fall and land on a platform similar to the one where Tabuu was fought in Brawl.

Tabuu: I don’t have time for this! Once my Subspace Reactor is ready, it’ll go off and merge Subspace and your world together, and I’ll be unstoppable! And you’re in my way!

Tabuu disappears and reappears somewhere else and charges up the dragon laser.

Everyone but Fin: Whoa!

They all avoid the laser, except Fin.


Tabuu: On second thought… How about this?

Purple: 200/200
Shade: 150/150
Red: 190/190
Tabuu: 1,000/1,000

Purple uses Thundaga. 20 damage!
Shade uses Skating Tackle. 5 damage!
Red uses Fireball Storm. 25 damage!
Tabuu uses Whip Chain on Red. 30 damage!

Purple: 200/200
Shade: 150/150
Red: 160/190
Tabuu: 950/1,000

Purple switches Shade out for Luigi.
Purple uses Thunder Axe. 10 damage!
Luigi uses Negative Zone.
Luigi: ZA WARUDO!!!
Tabuu is frozen in time.
Luigi uses Multi Thunderhands. 5 hits! 50 damage!
Luigi: WRYYYY!!!
Tabuu is mobile again!
Red uses Flame Shell. 20 damage!
Tabuu uses Golden Brackets on Purple. 40 damage!

Purple: 160/200
Luigi: 170/170
Red: 160/190
Tabuu: 870/1,000

Purple switches Red out for P.T.
Purple uses Thunderstorm. 10 damage!
Luigi uses Knockback Bros. with Purple. 30 damage!
P.T. uses Coney Island Disco Palace! Tabuu can barely stand the funk! 40 damage!
Tabuu uses Off-Waves. Luigi and P.T. are defeated! Purple dodges!

Purple: 160/200
Luigi: 0/170
P.T.: 0/190
Tabuu: 870/1,000

Purple switches Luigi and P.T. out for Gadd and Rob.
Purple, Gadd, and Rob use Trinity Thunder. 75 damage!
Tabuu uses Dragon Laser on Gadd. Gadd is defeated!

Purple: 160/200
Gadd: 0/120
Rob: 190/190
Tabuu: 795/1,000

Purple switches Gadd out for Petey.
Purple uses Thundaga. 20 damage!
Petey uses Cannonball Succession. 60 damage!
Rob uses Diffusion Beam. 40 damage!
Tabuu uses Whip Chain on Purple. 30 damage!

Purple: 130/200
Petey: 200/200
Rob: 190/190
Tabuu: 675/1,000

Purple uses Martial Arts on Tabuu. 15 damage!
Petey uses Cannonball Succession. 60 damage!
Rob uses Gyromite. 5 damage!
Tabuu uses Spear Dive on Rob. Rob is defeated!

Purple: 160/200
Petey: 200/200
Rob: 0/190
Tabuu: 595/1,000

Purple switches Rob out for Red.
Purple uses Nature Stomp with Petey and Red. 100 damage!
Tabuu uses Clone Launch on Petey. 60 damage!

Purple: 160/200
Petey: 140/200
Red: 160/190
Tabuu: 495/1,000

Purple uses Curaga on himself. Purple regains 20 HP!
Petey uses Cannonball Succession. 60 damage!
Red uses Flame Shell. 20 damage!
Tabuu uses Dragon Laser on Petey. 120 damage!

Purple: 150/200
Petey: 20/200
Red: 160/190
Tabuu: 415/1,000

Purple uses an Ultra Shroom Shake on Petey. Petey regains 50 HP!
Petey uses Nature Stomp with Purple and Red. 75 damage!
Tabuu uses Whip Chain on Purple. 30 damage!

Purple: 120/200
Petey: 70/200
Red: 160/190
Tabuu: 340/1,000

Purple switches Red out for Fin.
Purple uses Thundaga. 20 damage!
Petey uses Goop Ball. 25 damage!
Fin uses Steal. Fin steals 20 HP and gives it to Red. Red regains 20 HP!
Red used Fireball Storm. 25 damage!
Tabuu uses Dragon Laser on Fin. 120 damage!

Purple: 150/200
Fin: 25/145
Red: 180/190
Tabuu: 250/1,000

Purple uses Curaga on Fin. Fin regains 20 HP!
Fin uses Steal. Fin steals 15 HP and uses it on himself. Fin regains 15 HP!
Red uses Fire Breath. 30 damage!
Tabuu uses Whip Chain on Purple. 30 damage!

Purple: 90/200
Fin: 60/145
Red: 180/190
Tabuu: 205/1,000

Purple uses Quick Slash with Fin. 40 damage!
Red uses Thunder and Fire with Purple. 60 damage!
Tabuu uses Dragon Laser on Fin. Fin is defeated!

Purple: 120/200
Fin: 0/145
Red: 180/190
Tabuu: 105/1,000

Purple switches Fin and Red out for Rufus and Yux.
Purple uses Thundaga. 20 damage!
Rufus uses Ground Pound. 6 hits! 60 damage!
Yux uses Flame Burp. 20 damage!
Tabuu uses Clone Launch on Yux. 60 damage!

Purple: 120/200
Rufus: 180/180
Yux: 80/140
Tabuu: 5/1,000

Purple: Aha!
Purple uses Axe on Tabuu. Tabuu is defeated!
You won!


Tabuu is twitching around in pain.

Purple: We beat you!

P.T.: Thank you, Axem Obvious.

Purple: …


Tabuu explodes! … But something’s not right… He’s reforming! He’s now the same as he was, only black and white striped (horizontal stripes).


Everyone: D’oh!


Tabuu flies off to the sun.

P.T.: He looks different. Did he get a haircut?

Purple: Oh no! Uh, quick! Let’s see that laptop!

He takes the laptop from Luigi and goes to the video on Youtube that Gadd mentioned. Shortly…


Gadd: Ha!

Luigi: You told us it would help!

Gadd: Yeah, I lied. But it was funny, wasn’t it?

Petey: It was.

Yux: Are you insane?!

Fin: Shut up, Yux.

Yux: I hate you all!

Purple: Tabuu is headed straight for that sun to set off his Subspace Reactor, and we’re arguing over stupid things! We need to get over there and stop him!

Shade: I never get any action! I came on this adventure so I could have an adventure with Purple! I started this with him, so I’m ending it with him! But how do we get there?

Red and Rob: Can we come?

Purple: No, it’s too dangerous.

Rufus: … I have an idea on how to get there, but I’m not gonna like it…

Purple: The world’s at stake, man! Just do it!

Rufus: All right! I’m gonna have to wash my mouth in the morning.

Rufus eats Purple and Shade, aims, and spits them out at the sun. They fly through a hole in the sun and land on a glass-like platform in the center with 6 blue plates and some weird hot thing inside.



Purple: I don’t know… Uh, beat him up!

Tabuu throws dark orbs at the duo, but Purple’s axe deflects them like Link fighting Ganondorf. Tabuu and Purple knock them back and forth a few times until Tabuu is hit. Purple leaps up and sends him to the core they’re on with a strike, and Shade does a roundhouse kick. Tabuu gets back up and uses his Whip Chain and grabs Purple, thus Purple drops his axe.


Shade picks up the axe and leaps up, and cuts the whip and drops the axe. Purple releases himself and then uses the whip attack on Tabuu, but Tabuu’s too strong for it and he drags Purple around. Shade grabs Purple and tries to pull him back, starting a tug-of-war. Purple finds his axe that Shade dropped and throws it at Tabuu. The attack distracts the humanoid and Purple and Shade manage to win the tug-of-war, causing Tabuu to crash into a blue plate, breaking it. He then flies up in pain because of the lava under the plate.


Tabuu then shoots energy needles. Purple and Shade run around the whole reactor core and the needle storm follows, making tiny holes in the blue plates.

Shade: Look, the needles damaged the plates! If we can get one good attack in on each of them, we’ll break them all!

Purple: … And that could cause the Reactor to explode, thus fail in destroying the world?

Shade: I think!

Purple turns around, holds his axe over his head, and slashes it down, chopping up one plate. Two out of six are broken. Tabuu turns, changes to spearhead form, and crashes down, making shockwaves. Purple and Shade jump over them and Shade jumps and grabs one of Tabuu’s legs and tries to drag him down, but Tabuu kicks him off. Purple desperately hacks away at one plate when he gets trapped in two brackets. The brackets start crushing him when Shade takes them off and breaks them over his knee.

Purple: Someone has to distract him! We’ll never stop it in time!


Yux, P.T., Fin, Luigi, Rufus, Red, Gadd, Rob, and Petey all ride in on a Banzai Bill that crashes into Tabuu.

Petey: I told you it would work!

Rufus: Okay, you’re right, I’m sorry!

Purple: Guys, you’re here?

Luigi: We’re not letting you take all the credit!

Purple: Okay. Some of you guys distract Tabuu, the rest of us break all the blue plates!

Tabuu gets up and starts launching clones, but Petey dodges and shoots a cannonball at Tabuu, then looks down and spits one at the blue plate near him. Half of them are taken care of! Rufus sticks his tongue out and it latches onto Tabuu. Luigi, Rob, Gadd, and Fin all pull Rufus in another tug-of-war.

P.T.: Hammer time!

P.T. swings his golden hammer and breaks one plate. Red does a shell toss and hits Tabuu, and when he turns around and goes for another, Yux breathes fire on Tabuu so he’ll be distracted. Tabuu’s knocked a few feet away, as the shell breaks a plate, and then launches up in pain, but is still relatively close to the ground due to Rufus’s tongue. P.T., Yux, Red, and Shade all join the tug-of-war and Petey picks up whoever’s in the back and swings him around, causing the whole tug-of-war situation to spin around and around. Purple leaps up and slashes Tabuu. Rufus lets go and Tabuu crashes down and breaks the last plate.

Purple: You’re finished!

Suddenly the core shakes.

Red: What happened?!

Gadd: The Reactor’s going to blow, we gotta get out of here!

Rob: We don’t have that much time!

Purple: Uh, Yux! Randomize!

Yux: All right, fine! But just so you know, since it’s the end of the story, the good news and bad news will both be extremely good and bad.

Everyone: DO IT!


Yux glows all the colors of the rainbow, then stops.

Yux: The super extra good news is that we can escape and the world just might be restored!

A gold version of Bowser Jr’s personal airship lowers down and everyone gets on it and it starts flying away.

Yux: The super extra bad news…

On the core, Tabuu wakes up and starts shooting lasers at the ship.

Everyone: AAAAHH!

Shade: We’re not gonna make it!

Purple: … Someone has to stop him…

Tabuu’s new black wings appear and he flies toward the ship. Purple starts glowing as if he broke a Smash Ball.

Purple: It’s time… Shade!

Shade: What? And why are you-

Purple: No time. Shade, I want you to have my axe.

Shade: But-

Purple: Shade…

Shade: … Fine. But why?

Purple: Uhh, how about to save us all?

Yux: Duh.

Shade: Shut up, Yux.

Purple gets up on the rail and leaps off the ship.

Tabuu: (Japanese: I DO NOT DIE! IT WILL NOT DIE!)


Purple (Falcon) Punches Tabuu right in the face, defeating Tabuu.

Everyone Else: Purple!


Tabuu is defeated as the Core explodes. The explosion destroys the sun and the Reactor, Tabuu… and Purple. The ship flies out of the Reactor area, out the door in the “Maze”, and out of the light ball and back into Subspace. Then the whole area glows brightly and you can’t see anything at all.

Epilogue: Aftermath

Shade, Yux, P.T., Fin, Luigi, Rufus, Red, Gadd, Rob, and Petey all find themselves in Flipside.

Shade: Huh?

Rob: Where are we?

Red: What happened?

Merlon: When you destroyed Subspace, you were sent here. Congratulations, you saved your world!

P.T.: Awesome!

Shade: Wait, where’s Purple?

Merlon: He wasn’t here. I’m sorry to tell you this… but his game is over. I saw it… on my magic Plasma Screen TV.

Fin: Wow, I’m totally going to steal that!

Merlon: What was that?

Fin: … Nothing.

Shade: Purple’s… dead?

Merlon: Yes, he used the Falcon Punch that I taught him to save you!

Yux: Since when do you know the Falcon Punch?

Merlon: Shut up, Yux. Anyway, I’m sorry for your loss. Kinda. Not really. Time for you to go back home. SHAZAM!

Merlon warps them all back to just outside Gadd’s lab. It's been restored.

Gadd: My house! It’s back to normal! Well that was fun. Kind of. Get off my property.

Gadd goes into his house.

Petey: Well I gotta be going to. Good seeing you again, Shade. Kinda. Didn’t really pay attention.

Petey flies away.

Luigi: I gotta tell everyone about what I just helped with!

Luigi runs off.

P.T.: I’m bored.

P.T. walks away.

Rob: I’m gonna go make sure something like this never happens again. Goodbye!

Shady Parakoopa: THERE YOU ARE!

Yux: Oh no!

Shady: We’ve been looking all over for you, Yux! Come back now, we need our plunger.

Yux: Stop using me as a pl-

Shady: Shut up, Yux.


Shady drags Yux away and out of my submissions. Fin puts on his red Bandit cloak over his blue one.

Fin: Well, break time’s over. Bye.

Fin runs off.

Rufus: If us Yoshis were celebrating Bowser’s death, I can’t wait until they hear about this. I’m gonna tell them.

Rufus runs off to Yoshi’s Island.

Red: Woo! There is no way I need to take any adventures ever again… By that I mean until next week. Bye! Thanks for saving me, I guess.

Shade: … Well I wanted an adventure of my own… I got half of one. No, not even half, one quarter! I got one quarter of an adventure. Oh well. I think an adventure and a fourth are enough for this Shy Guy…

Shade then starts walking away.

Each character’s fates:

Purple: Died saving the world and the others from Tabuu.

Shade: Built a memorial for Purple and decided to settle down somewhere and try to find a girlfriend.

Yux: Continued to be treated like mud. He honestly can’t tell which is worse, the way he’s treated normally, or the way he was treated in this story.

P.T.: Continued interviewing and stuff like that.

Fin: Kept stealing things, but wasn’t very good at it. In fact he might be the worst thief ever. But he never quit trying, mostly because he’s kind of stupid.

Luigi: Nobody believed Luigi when he told people what he did, so he went to Rogueport to tell them and they made a novel series out of that just like his Waffle Kingdom adventure. The movie will be in theaters nowhere near you.

Rufus: Rufus became a hero among the Yoshis and continued partying all night and sleeping all day.

Red: Red soon started adventuring again. Last time anybody heard, he was going to explore that one island that nobody cares about.

Gadd: Gadd continued to be a semi-mad scientist who assists good guys.

Rob: Rob joined a bowling team that wasn’t evil. They won 3rd place in the nationals.

Petey: He just continued with his usual lifestyle.

The Bowling Team of Doom: Grubba, Bill Gates, Waluigi, and Ballyhoo were never heard from again.

The Shroobs: The Shroobs were sick of failing to conquer the world, so they decided to attack another world. I’m looking at you, Mobius…

Merlon: Merlon continued being Merlon.

Fiery Dino Piranha: He wasn’t seen again, it’s believed he may have choked to death.

Everyone Else: Nothing really noteworthy.

The End.

~Credit for the fan character "Yux" goes to Shady Parakoopa
~In memory of Axem Purple, who died so that I could parody the Falcon Punch scene
Larry's Adventure II Ch. 22 (End)
The last chapter of Larry's Adventure 2.

Instead of Sonic, this time it's Snake who helps the party stand up to Tabuu, though he doesn't join the party. Snake will return in Larry's Adventure 3 to do the same thing again a few more times.

Tabuu's RPG battle. Probably one of the longer ones I've done. I felt it was suitable for the ending, but I dunno. I'm glad I didn't do too many in the third story. You know it's bad when even the characters themselves are just spamming the same attacks in order to get things done faster. I'm looking at you, Petey's Cannonball Succession. Not to mention Tabuu one-shotting all of Purple's party members just so Purple can use them all in this fight. Though at least everyone got to contribute. And hey, Yux set Tabuu up for Purple to finish him off... before the fight moved on to another format.

Shade sure does seem to want to be with Purple. I didn't notice anything peculiar about that until just now... I won't judge.

So the final battle is similar to the final boss of Super Mario Galaxy. It works for me, I think the fight plays out well. It's much better than the final battle with Kamek in the previous story. Fin, Gadd, and Luigi probably could have done more than just help Rufus distract Tabuu, but I guess it's important that Tabuu doesn't overpower Rufus. He would've. And Yux's Randomizer having extra good/bad news for the final chapter is not made up by me. That's what he always had.

So... Axem Purple dies. He was a main character in Larry's Adventure, and then one week later goes on an adventure that ends when he dies. Oddly, this is the second time he's died. But this time, it sticks. All just so I could do the Falcon Punch scene. No regret. This is probably the closest to a dramatic moment in this story. Sure the last story was silly too, but it started with Bowser's death orphaning Larry and his siblings, while Kamek was secretly behind it. This was the secret attack that Merlon taught Purple.

Also, Purple giving his axe to Shade is very important for the climax of Larry's Adventure 3. I didn't actually consider that when I wrote it, but I like that it worked out.

This story's ending is weak. It's the same problem as last time- "Welp, we did it. Time to go. Bye." Everyone just walks off in their own direction, announcing their plans. Hardly anyone seems to care that Purple just died, geez. And Larry did not appear once. He wasn't supposed to, but maybe he should have had at least one line at the end going, "why aren't I in this one" or something.

So... Larry's Adventure 2. Like I said, definitely the silliest in the series, I see it now. It had the antics of the previous story, but less of the drama (not that there was a lot). I would try to write Larry's Adventure 3 in a while, but ended up canceling it. It took three years for me to finally get back to Larry's Adventure 3, and I gave it an overhaul.

This story did keep its momentum from the last one, it's definitely better. But it's a little more warped, and bad parts were still there. But certainly an improvement. And I can only hope that the two year break between this story and the third one made things even better.

I like this story, though.
Chapter 21: The Great “Maze”

Our heroes decided to quit beating around the bush and to take the fight to Subspace. There, they found out Tabuu was in charge of all of this as well as the Bowling Team of Doom. They were defeated, but Yux did the Randomizer, causing Shade and Red to be back in the story. They met with the Bowling Team of Doom, and the Ancient Minister betrayed his team and revealed himself as ROB. The bad news was that now our heroes' world was being attacked hard by Subspace. With little time, they found Rufus and decided to quickly find Tabuu. They then saved everyone else. Petey Piranha also joined the team and saved some others. The Shroobs and Fiery Dino Piranha came back for a final appearance, but were beaten. Purple also learned a secret move from Merlon that’s only to be used in the most desperate time. Finally Gadd decided to join the team for their final confrontation. Now they’re after Tabuu.

The group notices that they’re in a similar environment, but with trophies of all of them and most of the story’s major enemies scattered around, guarding that door behind them.

Tabuu’s voice: Bwahahahaha! I see you’ve all found each other and come back to life! Well if you want to beat me, you gotta find me! On the other side of that door is my trick to finishing off all of your world and just maybe parts of some surrounding universes! You’ve got two hours to stop me! Otherwise, BOOM!

Purple: … We’ve gotta hurry, come on!

Purple leads everyone to a door nearby. The door takes them to Delfino Plaza. It’s black and white, and the only people with Purple are Shade, Yux, and P.T.

Purple: Huh?

Shade: This must be like in Wind Waker when boss recreations were monochrome! And like how you could only use items that were present at the time, I guess this means you can only have people who were present at the time with you.

P.T.: Guys, look!

They look to see a monochrome Mr. L and Petey Piranha headed for them.

Yux: I forgot Luigi was evil at the start of this story.

Mr. L does a Super Jump and tries to land on Purple, but Purple moves and shoves Mr. L into the water. Meanwhile Petey spits a cannonball.

P.T.: Yux, how’s your spine?

Yux: I don’t have one, but I’d say I can be pretty stiff. Why?

P.T. grabs Yux and uses him like a baseball to knock the cannonball back at Petey.


P.T.: Shut up, Yux.

Mr. L shoots green fireballs at Purple, but Purple spins his axe and sends them flying in all directions. He than pokes Mr. L’s stomach with the handle, then does an uppercut punch, then a kick to the ribs, sending Mr. L a few feet. Shade skates by and gets ready for Mr. L to crash, but Shade just grabs him up and spins him around. P.T. walks up and holds his Golden Hammer out so Mr. L’s face hits it every few seconds. Finally Shade tosses Mr. L up and Yux floats up and breathes fire on him, causing Mr. L to explode. Then Petey eats Yux.

Yux: This stomach acid feels like dying!

P.T. holds Petey down and another P.T. appears with a fishing rod and casts his line. He pulls Yux out of Petey’s mouth, along with some cake.

P.T.: Cake!

Other P.T.: Cake!

Then Shade skates by with Purple on his shoulders, holding his axe out. This results in a quick, mobile slice that defeats Petey. Then a door appears. The heroes find themselves back in the first room, but the trophies of Petey Piranha and Mr. L are gone. The first door disappears and a new one takes its place. The group goes through the door to find themselves at a monochrome Thwomp Volcano.

Purple: Who’s here?

Yux: Me.

P.T.: Me.

Fin: Me.

Purple: So we’re about as plentiful as last time.

Monochrome versions of Bubble and Sonic appear. Sonic commits suicide. A monochrome version of the Ancient Minister takes his place.

Purple: Too easy.

Purple throws his axe at the Ancient Minister and he starts flying around like crazy and short-circuiting. He crashes into Bubble, and then both crash into a wall and are defeated. After leaving and coming back, the group finds that they’re in the Space Junk Galaxy.

Purple: Now it’s just Shade, Luigi, and me? Aw man.

Monochrome Tarantox appears.

Shade: Aahh!

Tarantox spits toxic goo and the protagonists dodge. Tarantox turns and aims his spit for Purple, but Shade skates and rams into the bulge on Tarantox’s butt, causing him to flip over. Luigi does a Super Jump and squishes one of his three weak points. While Tarantox is reacting, he does it again to the second. Tarantox does a wild spin and spits goo all over. They barely dodge. Purple runs and leaps onto his face, causing Tarantox to reach for Purple, and Purple runs down the spider’s back and Tarantox, trying to follow, falls over on his back for Luigi to deliver the final jump. Tarantox gets back up and is madder than before. He starts stomping around and spitting goo, when he decides to just fly.

Shade: Aww man!

Tarantox starts dropping toxic balls of goop. But flying was dumb because his belly is exposed. Three quick Super Jumps later, he’s done for.

After leaving and coming back into the room, the current party is now Purple, Yux, P.T., Fin, Luigi, and Rufus. They’re on the deck of one of the airships and Monochrome Commander Shroob is shooting at them from his ship.

Purple: Where’s Shade?

Rufus: He was kicked out of the story in the very chapter this takes place in.

Purple: Oh yeah.

The alien leader shoots cannonballs and P.T. pulls out his hammer… to find he has no hammer.

P.T.: We had no weapons in this fight!

Yux: Simple.

Yux flies over and breathes fire in the Commander’s face. But then he’s grabbed and used as the next cannonball. Rufus flutter jumps over to Commander Shroob and ground pounds on him, then stuffs him into the cannon and launches him toward the sun.

Fin: That was cruel.

Rufus: Whatever.

They leave and come back and find themselves in the Snow Cap Galaxy with Monochrome Fiery Dino Piranha. The beast starts charging and spitting monochrome fire. The party find that they’re in their super power forms.

Purple: So what do we do again?

Luigi: I can fly by doing a spin in the air.

Rufus: I’m a Boo…

P.T.: Boing, boing, boing, boing-

Fin: I have wings!

Rufus: From the Wing Cap?

Fin: No, from Red Bull.

Yux: And you’re a bee.

Purple: Huh? Not again!

Yux: Good thing for me, I didn’t need a super power!

He gets eaten by Fiery Dino Piranha.

Yux: Aaahh! The dying feeling! I feel it again!

Purple flies around and finds a spot on Fiery Dino Piranha’s back. He tries to get close enough (which is hard since FDP is moving). When he is, he stings him. Then he loses his suit because bees die when they sting.

Purple: I did damage and lost the suit. I’m efficient.

FDP starts swinging his tail around and spitting fireballs. P.T. bounces up… and lands in the attached Toad Town on Gourmet Guy.

Fin: I know! Hey! Follow me!

Fin flies off and FDP follows. He then tries to lure FDP off the edge by flying into space, but the planet has gravity on all sides.

Fin: D’oh!

Luigi spins into the monster’s tail, doing damage.

Then suddenly he stands up, grabs his tail, and whacks his head many times until he’s defeated. Boo Rufus appears in the spot where he was.

Rufus: Ha! I possessed him!

The doors reappear, so that must count as a win.

They leave and come back and find themselves on Shadow Noah Island. Monochrome Metal Gizmo SHARK breaks through the wall. He opens his mouth and a Banzai Bill flies out. It locks onto Yux.

Yux: Hey!

Purple: Aw man, not the giant robot! How’d we beat it before?

Fin: I dunno.

P.T.: I got that chain around my arm again! Get it off!

P.T. somehow removes it and swings it around, trying to get rid of it, and it accidentally hits the Banzai Bill, causing it to explode.

P.T.: … Bwahahahaha!

P.T. runs around and uses it like a whip and hits Metal Gizmo, but it bounces off and hits Yux.

Yux: I hate you all!

Purple hits SHARK with his axe and then scrambles up a few ways, and then strikes his axe into the robot again further up, then scrambles up even more. He does this until he finds the cockpit and breaks in. Monochrome Goomba gives him a murderous glare.

Purple: What?!

Purple defeats the Goomba and presses the abort button, and Metal Gizmo promptly explodes. Then Monochrome Macho Grubba appears! Rufus runs up and sticks his tongue out and swallows Macho Grubba, but he then gets back out and beats Rufus to a pulp. P.T. sneaks up and does a jumping hammer attack, sending the Clubba to the wall.

P.T.: No more steroids for you!

Grubba rampages forth and Purple gets in the way and leaps into the air and does a bunch of punches and kicks and finishes with a slash attack, and then Grubba is flattened by a Super Jump landing. Macho Grubba is defeated!

Back in the main room of the “Maze”…

P.T.: Weren’t we supposed to fight a bunch of guys right after Fiery Dino Piranha but before the robot?

Luigi: Who cares?

Shade: Wow, I realize now… I didn’t get much action in this story.

Petey: I was an enemy?!

Purple: You don’t remember?! Even though you were told this?!

Gadd: I never got to fight any bosses!

Rufus: You just sat back in your lab and instructed us.

Gadd: … Shut up.

Rob: Don’t forget about me!

The group go through the door and now they’re on top of the Excess Express. Master Chief appears with Banjo and Kazooie!

Fin: The Microsoft Guys!

Purple: … Banjo and Kazooie left Nintendo?!

Banjo holds Kazooie like a rifle and starts shooting Grenade Eggs, and Master Chief just starts shooting at the heroes. Everyone ducks and the enemies hit each other, and are defeated. Lame. Then Bill Gates drops down in a suit of gold armor. Actually it’s monochrome.

Luigi: Run, it’s Bill Gates!

Bill’s arm cannon starts shooting gold bars, but Fin leaps up and grabs each one. However Purple then takes one and throws it at Bill’s face, causing him to be in pain and the armor to fall off. Rufus does a leap kick that knocks Bill off the train. When the heroes leave and come back, they’re in Wario’s throne room.


However Monochrome Waluigi is in his super ultimate form.

Luigi: … Dang…

He charges forward, then-

Fin: Isn’t that Doopliss?

He changes into Monochrome Doopliss, and thus is defeated for being exposed. They leave and come back and find themselves in the Star Carnival with Monochrome Ballyhoo. The MC points and Wolfens appear and start shooting.

Purple: Just what we needed, Star Wolf.

P.T.: Get the guy behind me, Purple!

Rufus: (sarcastically) Gee, I’ve been saved by Purple, how swell!

Luigi just walks over next to Ballyhoo, and then when the lasers lock on and are headed straight for him he grabs Ballyhoo and holds him out before him so he takes the hit, defeating him. Luigi then Super Jumps and lands on the Wolfen, bringing it to the ground and destroying it. Since it was Wolf’s, the others are defeated too. They leave and come back to find themselves facing Monochrome Shroids.

Purple: Not these guys again!

Gadd: Hey, now I’m here!

The Shroids start charging their lasers, when Rufus quickly eats them.

Purple: That was easy.

The Monochrome Koopa Bros. then appear!

Everyone: D’oh!

Gadd: Don’t worry, I have this!

It’s Fludd!

Purple: Fludd?

Gadd: But I modified it!

Gadd squeezes the handles and lava comes out of Fludd. He aims for the Koopa Bros. so they’re quickly dispatched.

Gadd: … And now I’m all out.

Monochrome King Shroob appears in his super UFO!


Gadd: Don’t forget Swiggler.

Purple: Meh, he doesn’t count.

King Shroob starts shooting lasers and Purple slowly walks forward, spinning his axe to deflect the shots. When he’s close enough, he slashes the spider legs. However it’s a UFO so it floats.

Gadd: I gotta get one of those for myself!

Monochrome Guardian Shroobs appear and start shooting.

Yux: That never happened when we were here!

Luigi: Shut up, Yux.

Purple leaps up and delivers a critical blow to King Shroob.

Purple: Oh yeah! I guess I’m pretty awesome!

The heroes leave and come back to find the only remaining foes… the Monochrome copies of themselves! Minus Petey, since he already appeared on Isle Delfino.

Purple: Uh oh… Uh… Fight?

Amazingly they can all fit on that platform. Purple leaps up and fights M Purple (Monochrome Purple) and they’re matched when it comes to axe skills. Petey flies up there.


Petey eats M Purple and defeats him. Red and M Red are spitting fireballs at each other, but each ball is countered until finally Red just gets into his shell and slams into M Red, knocking him over the edge. Shade and M Shade have a game of Chicken with their skates but it’s interrupted when Yux is thrown at M Shade, defeating the clone. M Yux then tackles Shade, but Shade grabs him and throws him at Yux.

P.T.: …

M P.T.: …

They both pull out boomerangs and throw them… and accidentally hit themselves.

Rufus: Your guy’s as dumb as you are!

P.T.: Trade?

Rufus: Yeah.

Rufus throws an egg at M P.T., then trips him with his tail and does a ground pound to defeat him. P.T. is riding M Rufus around and whacking him with his boomerang until he forces him off the edge.

Rob: Look!

M Rob looks away and Rob shoots a spinning top at M Rob. The enemy turns around and starts firing a laser, but-

Rob: Diffusion Beam!

Short, constant lasers come from Rob’s eyes and he approaches M Rob. The lasers damage him, in addition to the attacks from Rob’s arms. M Rob is defeated. M Yux comes back for Yux, but Gadd sucks him up with his Poltergust. M Gadd’s lava-squirting Fludd melts it, but then Petey eats the clone. Fin tries to pickpocket M Fin’s pockets while M Fin does the same to Fin. They both find nothing at all. So Fin just punches M Fin, then kicks his body until it’s defeated. The heroes win! They make it back to the main room of the “Maze”.

Gadd: Look!

All the trophies are gone and the path to the door appears.

Purple: We lost a lot of time doing that, we gotta move it! Come on!

The heroes charge forward and head for the door. This is it, the final battle. On the other side of the door is Tabuu. Tabuu must be stopped!
Larry's Adventure II Ch. 21
So instead of platforming and fighting, this version of the Great Maze is purely fighting.

If I recall, the party had trouble defeating the Ancient Minister's minions. In fact, the best they could do for the whole story is to keep up with their enemies. They kept losing, retreating, or tying with the Ancient Minister's forces. Red nearly beats them or gets taken away. They needed items and a Randomizer to beat Grubba and Waluigi respectively. Ballyhoo beat himself, as did King Shroob. It was mostly mid-boss type enemies that the heroes could beat, no arc villains. Bill Gates and Fiery Dino Piranha were exceptions. Maybe the final Dark Red battle too.

But now, the heroes must actually triumph over all their enemies in the Great Maze. It shows how far they've come. Or I was just powering through the maze. Maybe both?

This chapter was a little repetitive. Just fight after fight after fight. I think more than one person called me out on that. I can see why, now. Maybe I should have restricted it to arc villains or something. I do worry if the events are hard to understand. But anyway, the maze ends with a big fight with evil versions of our heroes. Just like the real maze. The final fight wasn't really much better. It was fairly easy.

This chapter... I think it could've been done better, but the idea was nice.
For the last few weeks on, I have been writing a Sonic 2006 parody fic.

It's called "Sonic 2006: Dude, Where's His World?" and it will parody the entire game.…

It's only five chapters in right now, but I do plan to complete the story. Full of references to other Sonic games, and a new perspective on making fun of the game, without resorting to raging fury. So if you're interested in reading my take on Sonic 06, then I recommend you read this story, if you please.

The reason I say all this is because I will not be posting it on this site.
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